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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Factory South Africa

 Wax model group is composed of fine mold and gating system(brown aluminium oxide). The hairy muscle brush end can be used in sealing treatment, and sealing agent is also commonly used for surface modification of injection system. The ultra large finishing parts with strict size can be formed by tempemfn 300t super large end press. Welding with positioning fixture(aluminum oxide abrasive). After the coating is dipped, it is the best to stir fry the coating surface.

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The main component of strengthening the visual injection system is rosin, and its cutting property is small(brown fused alumina). In order to reduce the cost of forming and manufacturing or there is no large wax press for large precision castings, the starting die is often divided into several end dies and formed separately, and then these additional dies are welded into integral wax patterns(green silicon carbide). The welding surface shall be coated with thinner, oil or instantaneous welding flux.(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory south africa)

This kind of wax pattern has been used in large-scale energy cable and atomic energy parts for heat treatment(white alumina). With different shapes, sizes and materials of temporary parts, the assembly schemes of staggering die are also different. The assembly schemes of small parts (small to Erge) and large samples (up to about 100 thousandths) are quite different(aluminum oxide grit). When the male die is required to have high strength, the reinforcing wax can be pasted on the joint surface.

(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory south africa)The module of large-scale casting often assembles a wax mold, but for small parts with a weight of several grams, the module can be installed to the first mistake(brown aluminum oxide). Each case has its own assembly scheme. Some programs give priority to directional camera ring, some programs give priority to heat preservation effect, riser, air outlet, module enhancement and shell making(synthetic corundum), while others focus on regularity Therefore, the system of Dai Shuo Zhu is polymorphous.

The specific improvement measures are that the wax of gating system is reinforced wax, and the super large initial module can also adopt reinforced frame and aluminum alloy core(black corundum). With the large-scale module, wax outlet is often set at the gate side of the module to improve dewaxing performance and casting surface quality(black silicon carbide). After that, it needs to be dried for a certain period of time for the dehydration and chemical reaction of the drying agent.(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory south africa)

If the wax of gating system has toughness, it will deform the wax pattern and the whole module due to the weight of the wax pattern(silicon carbide abrasive). In addition, it is easy to be affected by the buoyancy of the coating and the blowing force of the sand removal bed The surface is easy to crack and peel due to deformation. The surface roughness of casting casting casting will vary greatly, which is mainly affected by dewaxing property(emery abrasive). The interstitial glands of the welded joint were filled with repair shrinkage.

(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory south africa)Different assembly schemes have great influence on dewaxing property(pink corundum). Scheme a dewaxing speed is fast, so there is no residual wax in the mold. In scheme B, the dewaxing speed is slow, so there is residual wax, and the inner surface of the mold is soaked with wax(100 grit aluminum oxide). In order to improve the dewaxing performance of large castings, in addition to the inner gate, an auxiliary wax outlet should be set directly in the concave part of the casting.

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