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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Manufacturers USA

Calcination is a process of removing aluminum hydroxide and crystallization water at high temperature and transforming its crystal form to produce alumina that meets the requirements of electrolysis(brown fused alumina). Therefore, many physical properties of alumina, especially the specific surface area, a-Al2O3 content, repose angle, density, etc(aluminum oxide abrasive). calcination temperature, fuel consumption, output, etc. are mainly determined by the calcination conditions. 

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Particle size and strength are also strongly related to the calcination conditions(brown aluminum oxide). The calcination process also has an effect on the impurity (mainly SiO2) content of the alumina product. The water entering the production process mainly includes: red mud washing water; aluminum hydroxide washing water; moisture brought in by raw materials; condensate water directly heated by steam(aluminum oxide grit). Carbonate reacts with a high concentration of caustic solution to form sodium carbonate.

Technical and economic indicators of the calcination process include(brown aluminium oxide): The main purpose of evaporation is to eliminate the excess water in the process and maintain the balance of the liquid volume in the circulation system, so that the mother liquor is evaporated and concentrated to meet the requirements of the Bayer process to dissolve the bauxite to prepare the raw slurry(green silicon carbide). NaOH in sodium aluminate solution absorbs CO2 in the air and also generates sodium carbonate.

The purpose of leaching bauxite is to fully dissolve the alumina in it and enter the sodium aluminate solution(white alumina). Except for the removal of water with red mud and the removal of water during the calcination of aluminum hydroxide, excess water in the process is removed by the evaporation process(synthetic corundum). Bauxite contains a small amount of carbonates (such as limestone, siderite, etc.). The lime added during the dissolution of bauxite also contains a small amount of limestone due to incomplete calcination.

About 3% of caustic alkali in the Bayer process is converted into alkali carbonate due to the anti-causticizing effect in the leaching process and the absorption of CO2 in the air by sodium aluminate solution(black corundum). Sodium carbonate monohydrate is precipitated. In order to reduce the consumption of caustic soda, sodium carbonate is processed to recover the caustic soda(black silicon carbide): Na2CO3 · H2O + Ca (OH) 2 → 2NaOH + CaCO3 + H2O This is the causticization of monohydrate soda.

Therefore, studying the behavior of alumina in bauxite during the dissolution process is the key to improve the production efficiency of alumina and reduce the cost(pink corundum). This chapter mainly discusses the behavior of alumina in bauxite during Bayer dissolution process, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the actual production process(emery abrasive). The dissolution process of liquid-solid multi-phase reaction bauxite is the process that bauxite reacts with sodium aluminate solution.

This reaction is a liquid-solid heterogeneous reaction(silicon carbide abrasive). For general liquid-solid reactions, the reaction includes the following steps: mass transfer of fluid reactants through the diffusion layer on the surface of solid particles in the main fluid; adsorption of fluid reactants on the solid surface(garnet abrasive); chemical reactions occurring on the solid surface; The fluid product is desorbed from the solid surface and diffuses into the fluid through the solid product.

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