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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Price Philippines

It is considered that not only CaO but also 3 ~ 5g / L Na2SO is added during dissolution(brown fused alumina). After 40 minutes at 235 ° C, almost all goethite in bauxite is converted to hematite. This may be because the complex intermediate compounds are formed after the addition of S(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media), and the properties of these complex compounds are significantly affected not only by Ca2 + cations but also by anions such as SO.

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The test results show that when Na2O, 200g / L, MR1.40, and 235 ℃ are added to 1.3% Ca, goethite is transformed into hematite in 40-50 minutes(brown aluminum oxide); but after sodium sulfate is also added, the time can be reduced to 30min In addition, all the alumina contained in the mineral was dissolved, Na2O / SiO2 in red mud is reduced(emery abrasive); the molecular ratio of the eluent is reduced, so the cycle efficiency is improved; and the alumina dissolution rate increased by about 1%. 

The iron content in the sodium aluminate solution mainly depends on the type and particle size of the iron-containing minerals in the ore(brown aluminium oxide). These adverse effects can be eliminated by converting goethite to hematite(green silicon carbide). From the viewpoint of the conversion of goethite to hematite, the following anions have similar effects: 1SO = 5C = 10C1-, Fe2 + and Mn2 + also have a catalytic effect on the conversion of goethite to hematite.

Effect of adding Ca when goethite type bauxite is dissolved (above 245 ° C): red mud sedimentation performance is improved due to hematite sludge formation(white alumina); alumina is dissolved in goethite Improve the dissolution rate of alumina(aluminum oxide abrasive); when the concentration of V2Os in the circulating fluid is lower than the equilibrium solubility, since the substituted vanadium in the goethite lattice can be recovered, the vanadium concentration in the solution can be increased.

The ore based on goethite and goethite has a high degree of dispersion and a large specific surface area(black corundum). The effect of adding Na2SO: The caustic loss combined to form hydrous sodium aluminosilicate will be replaced by sodium sulfate 8% ~ 10%. In the 3Na2O · Al2O3 · 2SiO2 · Na2X chemical formula, the anion of X is partially replaced by S layer to replace OH One and CO(black silicon carbide). Titanium oxide reacts with caustic solution to form sodium titanate.

The effect of adding CaO and Na2S at the same time: accelerate the conversion rate of goethite to hematite, while reducing the temperature of about 10 ° C(pink corundum); the alumina dissolution rate is increased; Sodium sulfate is more rapidly causticized, so caustic loss is further reduced. It is also reported that the addition of iron-containing hydrated garnet can improve the dissolution performance of bauxite(aluminum oxide grit). Sodium titanate is very thin (0.03 mm) needle-like crystals.

The iron-bearing minerals in the ore are mainly hematite, and the red mud slurry has good sedimentation performance after dissolution(silicon carbide abrasive). Mud sedimentation performance is very poor, some sedimentation speed is very slow, and some have no clear liquid layer, the time is as long as more than 1h(synthetic corundum). Related data research shows that calcium hydroxytitanate contains hydroxyl groups in the molecule instead of ordinary crystal water.

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