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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Suppliers China

According to the test: when the ratio of gypsum to water is about 1: 0.75 ~ 0.90, the brown fused alumina water absorption per unit time of the gypsum mold is the largest, and the solid adsorption is also the largest, and the injection part formation speed is fast. If the porosity of the plaster mold is too high, the aluminum oxide abrasive model itself will easily absorb water in advance. 

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Therefore, in a certain period of time, its water absorption becomes smaller, brown aluminum oxide and the formation speed of the injection piece is slow. Although the cost is high, it can meet the special requirements of large and complex mold manufacturing. The gypsum mold introduces waste water of sulfite pulp. The black silicon carbide model can control the speed of forming the body. The optimal amount is 0.3%, a thin-walled model can be produced. 

Gypsum should be magnetically separated in advance and brown aluminium oxide passed through a sieve with a 0.5 mm sieve. Be careful about pouring, and remove excess injection solution before starting to solidify. Therefore, using a suitably dense gypsum mold can obtain a higher suction speed, and because the density is increased due to the denseness. And wood and synthetic resins cannot make aluminum oxide grit precise and non-deformable sealing sleeves.

The introduction of sulfite waste liquid can slow the coagulation of the gypsum solution, reduce the moisture, and white alumina improve the paste Plasticity and model strength, especially for casting large plastic products, can slow the formation rate of alumina bodies by more than 20%. To speed up the formation of the green body, a finely divided gypsum manufacturing model should be used, garnet abrasive price and the formation speed should be increased by about 50%.

Vacuum the gypsum solution to make a silicon carbide abrasive model first. When used, its compressive strength can be increased by 20% and tensile strength can be increased by 30%. Therefore, such models must have metal attachments to ensure the strength and hardness of the model. Manufacture the accessories accurately to ensure that they can be welded and drilled into the mold. The surface of the sealing sleeve is machined instead of nickel plating and emery abrasive polishing.

The black corundum slurry body formation speed has not changed, or it has been appropriately increased. The strength of gypsum molds mainly refers to abrasion resistance, especially for manufacturing large, heavy or complicated shapes. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to use metal reinforcement, for example, a large thin-walled hollow product of 20 kg cast with garnet abrasive slurry is manufactured in two and a half models.

The half of it is cast separately according to the steel sealing sleeve, green silicon carbide and the two pieces are accurately combined into a model during assembly, and there should be no gap between the two pieces. A 500kg model should be inelastic and sturdy, as mechanical transport has to be turned over multiple times. In the casting process of some glass bead blasting media suppliers models, the slurry must be evacuated and rotated during the formation process.

Seal must be made of steel. The precision sealing sleeve is mainly on the steel plate, pink corundum which must be precisely processed, and the gap between them is not more than 0.01mm. The sealing sleeve is provided with a metal accessory device suitable for fixing the model before immersion in the gypsum solution, so that the working distance between the synthetic corundum gypsum mold cavity and the metal accessory poured in the gypsum is guaranteed.

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