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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Suppliers Malaysia

Products containing more than 90% of Al2O3 are called corundum refractories, also known as pure alumina refractories(brown fused alumina). These are closely related to the firmness of the Al-O bond in the structure. Therefore, a-Al2O3 is the main phase that constitutes high-temperature refractories and high-temperature electrical insulation materials(aluminum oxide abrasive). It can be used in cement capacity transition zone, firing zone, cooling zone, cooler and working layer of cement vertical kiln.

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Corundum corundum has good stability against acid, alkaline slag, metal and glass solutions(brown aluminum oxide). It can be used in oxidizing atmosphere at high temperature or in reducing atmosphere. The basic material of King Kong products is fused alumina or sintered alumina(silicon carbide abrasive). In order to improve the performance of some products, most of the internal gas has been eliminated, some manufacturers often add certain chemical mineral components to the corundum material to form composite products.

On the contrary, if the consistency is too low, although it will soon be spread, but the aggregate and powder particles are too small to achieve a close bond(brown aluminium oxide). At the same time, the thick thick slurry layer at the top has no refractory aggregate at all, and has no refractory performance(aluminum oxide grit). The classification of refractory products is generally divided into standard, general, special, and special types according to the current national standards (GB10324-88): standard types.

Another important difference is that when CaO exceeds the optimal amount, the alumina dissolution rate will decrease, but excessive BaO and BasO will not reduce the alumina dissolution rate(white alumina). The test proves that when the CO concentration in the mother liquor is very low, the reaction product BaTiO3 of the barium compound additive and TiO2 is found in all the dissolved red mud, and the boehmite in the bauxite is almost completely dissolved out(green silicon carbide).

Such as wrong corundum brick, chrome corundum brick, titanium corundum brick and so on(black corundum). This difference can be explained by X-ray diffraction and thermal weight loss analysis of the solid residue: when the amount of lime added exceeds 5%, 3CaO · Al2O3 · 6H2O is found in the red mud, so the recovery of alumina is reduced(synthetic corundum), and the addition of BaO and BaSO4 In the dissolving red mud, BaO · TiO2 was found to be formed without any barium-aluminum compounds.

Corundum is very hard (Mohs hardness 9) and has a high melting point(pink corundum). The Greeks also studied the effect of the addition of different additives CaO, BaO and BaSO2 on the dissolution of the bauxite-type bauxite. The phenomenon of flooding indicates that the refractory castable has reached a relatively dense degree by vibration, and most of the pores are filled with small particles or fluid(black silicon carbide). If the consistency is too large, it will be very difficult for the material to spread.

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