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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Suppliers Poland

The chlorides of group IV, V, and i metal elements of the periodic table have high melting points and high hardness(brown fused alumina), but the nitrides of group n (Cr, Mo, W) have a higher decomposition pressure above 1500C, so they are not suitable for use as refractory materials(aluminum oxide abrasive). In contrast, elements of the B, Be, Si, and La, Ac systems can make stable high-melting nitrides. Among the nitrides that are valued are BN and SiaN.

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Can be used as a heat-resistant lubricant(brown aluminum oxide). In boride, these two compounds have good oxidation resistance. The oxidation resistance is relatively strong, good insulation, and it can be used up to 1200 ℃ or higher in an oxidizing atmosphere. Boron nitride (BN) is available in cubic and hexagonal systems. The cubic BN has a high hardness(green silicon carbide). Aa at low temperature is equivalent to transform into β phase when heated to 1400 ~ 1600 ℃. 

Hexagonal BN is a thin lamella crystal with a structure similar to that of natural graphite(brown aluminium oxide). Because there are no free electrons between the layers, it is a very good insulator at high temperatures, and it is as soft and rich as graphite. Silicon nitride (Si3N) has a- and β-phases, both of which belong to the hexagonal system(aluminum oxide grit). Depending on the manufacturing temperature of the nitride, they are often mixed together in different proportions.

There are many methods for manufacturing silicon nitride(white alumina). There are two main methods that can be used in industrial production: vaporized silicon is a very hard material that can maintain its strength until the high temperature is 1200 ° C(synthetic corundum). The coefficient of linear expansion is small and the resistance to Good thermal shock resistance, stable chemical properties, not affected by various molten metals, especially stable to molten metal aluminum.

It is quite stable to feed, zinc, lead, tin and contact with oxide melt(black corundum). In the metallurgical industry, it can be used as a field to transport high-temperature products such as liquid metal pipes, valves, pumps, thermocouple protection pipes, sliding nozzles, zinc refining furnaces, etc. It is also an added material for large-scale tapping troughs of blast furnaces(black silicon carbide). In the silicate industry, it is used as a shelf for baking ceramics.

The turning compound of high melting point metal generally has a high melting point of 2000 ~ 3000C, low resistance, high strength, hard to volatilize(pink corundum). However, it is susceptible to oxidation at high temperatures and must be used in a neutral or reducing atmosphere. Because of its low volatility, it is the only refractory material that can be used in a vacuum above 2500 ° C(emery abrasive). Borides as refractory raw materials are mainly boride (ZrB), TiB, and so on.

For example, they can be used above 2000 ℃ in a neutral or reducing atmosphere, and can be safely used in vacuum to 2500 ℃. Hardness, good conductive parts, thermal conductivity and chemical stability(silicon carbide abrasive). Can be used as high temperature thermocouple sleeves, electrical contactor and electrode materials, rocket nozzle materials, and crucibles for smelting various metals and containers for liquid metals, and high stability(white aluminium oxide 180/220).

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