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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Suppliers Switzerland

China's electrolytic energy industry has been, is and will be an important raw material industry in the national economy(brown aluminium oxide). Through the close regulation and control of the leading industries of the Ministry of electricity, the production technology of enterprises has been significantly improved, the demand for group is gradually increasing(garnet suppliers), especially the speed of self peignan method has been significantly accelerated.

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The macro-control is mainly composed of several aspects, that is, China forbids excessive investment, increases electricity price and shrinks the risk(white alumina). We should control credit, improve the entry of enterprises, and comprehensively clean up the investment in fixed assets. With the gradual rise of China's economy, and the gap between supply and demand is expanding rapidly(aluminum oxide grit). The development of oxidation and processing industries has been accelerated.(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh suppliers switzerland)

In addition, Henan has the advantage of frequent coal resources, and Henan has always been a large province of original coal production in China(brown aluminum oxide). In 2003, China's production capacity of self olefin cotton was 1.03 million electricity, accounting for 12.5% of the total national capacity at that time(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). By the end of 8004, the self setting refining production capacity was reduced to less than 360000 tons, not 4% of that of the whole country.

(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh suppliers switzerland)In June 2005, baotoudu plant officially closed down the auto olefin refining plant, which became the last major aluminum plant in the auto olefin inquiry method(black corundum). As a result, the merger and reorganization within the gold industry was promoted, and the industry concentration was obviously high. The capital of the enterprise has been expanded, and it has a strong ability to resist risks(aluminum oxide abrasive). The main technical and economic indicators have been further improved in 2001.

While controlling the new production capacity, the electrolytic aluminum industry was undergoing effective structural adjustment, and the process of reorganization and merger was accelerated(brown fused alumina). China lead industry corporation and other powerful central enterprises have been actively engaged in the acquisition and reorganization of domestic aluminum smelter(emery abrasive)s. Because the electrolysis production energy has appeared the periodic over brake.(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh suppliers switzerland)

The production of electrolytic aluminum in Gansu, Guizhou and Youxi ranks among the top ten in China(pink corundum), accounting for 63% of the total production of electrolytic aluminum in China, which is the distribution of electrolytic aluminum production in provinces of China in 2010. Henan Province in the Central Plains is a typical representative(black silicon carbide). It is close to the Eastern market and is willing to have the advantages of bauxite resources.

(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh suppliers switzerland)The average total AC power consumption of electrolytic lead enterprises per sulfur electrolysis is 14683kwh, which is 347kwh lower than that of 2003(silicon carbide abrasive). By 2009, the average comprehensive AC power consumption of China's electric detailed drawing industry will be reduced to about 13880 kwh(garnet abrasive). With the successful industrialization of a new type of electrolytic phase technology, the comprehensive AC power consumption of aluminum mirror is the lowest To 13200 kwh.

In 2010, other local power companies with strong strength gradually implemented merger and reorganization measures(green silicon carbide), which significantly increased the concentration of domestic power aluminum enterprises. At the same time, the state strictly controls the new projects of electrolytic aluminum(synthetic corundum), and there is still a certain market space for alumina and aluminum processing, and the whole industry chain of the museum industry extends to both ends.(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh suppliers switzerland)

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