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Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Wholesale Belgium

This sealing device is provided with a drop bar that can be moved ten times at both ends of the trolley(brown fused alumina). When the trolley is running, the bottom surface of the drop bar contacts the edge of the bellows and creates a sliding surface to form a seal(aluminum oxide grit). This kind of sealing device is not reliable, especially in the modern sintering machine, it is even more unreliable under the condition of negative pressure up to 1200 ~ 1450mm water column.

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This kind of seal is better in effect than the falling rod type and has a simple structure(brown aluminum oxide). However, such a sealing device has a simple structure and requires a small amount of maintenance. The picture shows a T-shaped drop rod seal. The slides fixed under the two ends of the trolley slide along the oil plate fixed on the edge of the bellows when the trolley moves(synthetic corundum). Grease lubricates the surface of the slide and prevents air from leaking in to achieve sealing.

In order to prevent the influence of dust on the falling rod(brown aluminium oxide), the sliding plate and the falling rod are inclined. In order to reduce friction and create a good seal between the sliding plate and the oil plate, a cross-shaped 3 to 5 mm oil groove is cut on the oil plate, and the grease is pressed into the oil groove by an oil pump and distributed over the entire length of the oil plate(green silicon carbide). However, in practice, the hydraulic pressure seal is satisfactory in terms of its sealing effect.

However, during the high temperature sintering process, the viscosity of the grease is reduced(white alumina), so that it flows into the bellows, causing a large amount of dust to adhere to the inner wall of the bellows, which affects the normal operation of the production. Excessive consumption. Therefore, this kind of seal is not ideal in general(emery abrasive). The skateboard is bolted tightly to the trolley, and the sealing plate on the edge of the bellows is free to move in the vertical direction.

The T-shaped drop bar is made of cast steel, and a slide made of tool steel is installed on the edge of the bellows(black corundum). Second, each sealing plate is connected with a pin and placed on two rubber tubes with an outer diameter of 28 ~ 35mm. The slide plate is installed in the II-shaped box body at both ends of the trolley, and the necessary sealing pressure is applied by the spring(silicon carbide companies). Plastic plates are made of a material that has a low coefficient of friction and is strong and soft.

The water is delivered into the rubber tube under pressure to ensure that the sealing plate is completely pressed against the trolley slide(pink corundum). In order to reduce the friction between the sealing planes, the automatic lubrication station is used to supply lubricant on the entire friction surface of the sintering machine(aluminum oxide abrasive). However, because the hose works in a high temperature environment, it is quickly aged and burned, especially the head and tail, so the life of the hose is very short.

Pins are used to prevent longitudinal or lateral movement(silicon carbide abrasive). Some sintering plants, in order to extend the life of the hose and change the pig seal, changed the section below the igniter to a grease seal, and at the same time used the rubber tube at the rear of several high temperature bellows as another section(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). In this way, when the hose at the tail section is damaged, it may not be repaired immediately to ensure that the front-end sealing device works normally.

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