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Brown Aluminium Oxide 70 Grit Manufacturers China

When the aluminum box is immersed in the forming solution for anodization(brown aluminium oxide), O - and oh - ions reach the aluminum surface through the barrier layer existing in the hole, and AI + ions grow a barrier layer at the liquid interface through the barrier layer(alumina grit). In the treatment of protective film, the aluminum tank will be dissolved and some small holes will be buried, which will lead to the decrease of corrosion efficiency.

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It should be pointed out that the formation of protective film was widely used in the past period(green silicon carbide), but the ordinary electrolytic capacitors manufactured now are no longer used because it affects the expansion of the surface area of aluminum box. In practical use, it is often necessary to add some salt of this kind of weak acid or a small amount of ammonia water( NH.OH )Adjust the pH value of forming solution(steel shot abrasive). The quality of the dielectric film formed is directly related to the forming liquid.

(brown aluminium oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)At this time, because the liquid painting is located at the bottom of the hole, the hole will be buried from the bottom toward the side of the hole(brown aluminum oxide). However, the pretreatment process of forming protective film is still used for aluminum electrolytic capacitors with harsh environmental conditions or for high-voltage repetitive charge and discharge welding(glass bead abrasive). The advantages and disadvantages of the oxide film formed by the above three systems are mutual. 

In this process, the hole is not completely buried flat, but a small part of it is left behind, so that the outer porous layer plays a role of protecting the barrier layer(pink corundum). In some cases, phosphorus is added into the forming solution, which has the disadvantages of poor water resistance, easy hydration and poor dielectric properties of the oxide film(garnet abrasive price). An extremely thin aqueous oxide film will be formed on the surface of aluminum box in air.(brown aluminium oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)

The practice shows that when the anodic oxide film is formed to a certain stage(brown fused alumina), the concentration of oxygen ions on the interface between electrolyte and oxide film increases, especially in the defect position of the film, the outermost layer has a large number of small holes(glass beads manufacturers), which can improve the chemical stability of the barrier layer in structure, prevent deterioration and improve the heat resistance(also known as buried hole treatment).

(brown aluminium oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)On the other hand, through the barrier layer(black corundum), a + will continue to grow a barrier layer on the side of the liquid surface, and the holes that originally formed the porous part are buried by the oxide, so that the outer side of the porous oxide film also forms a barrier layer. The thickness of the protective layer is thicker for the high-voltage box and thinner for the low-voltage box(aluminum oxide grit). Generally, the protective film is formed before the barrier layer is formed.

The dense y-al2o3 or 7-Al2O3 film is used as the dielectric film of electrolytic capacitor(white alumina). At present, the following three systems of forming fluids are often used. In the early stage, the main solute was n-mycotic acid, which was soluble in water, ethanol, glycerin and ethyl alcohol. This treatment is mostly used for low-pressure oxidation film., which makes the porous oxide combine with the barrier layer(black silicon carbide), so we can only learn from each other or use mixed solution.(brown aluminium oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)

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