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Brown Aluminium Oxide 90 Grit Manufacturers USA

And to understand the basic changes of liquid aluminum(brown aluminium oxide), there is a multi-point test (three or five points), mainly used to calculate the amount of aluminum sent and aluminum liquid inventory. Electrolyte level is an important technical condition, which directly affects the solubility of alumina(garnet suppliers). From the management of voltage. In addition, generally speaking, the electrolyte level is stable in the equilibrium state.

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In general, it is beneficial to the separation of carbon flow(black corundum), and sometimes it can be used as a strengthening agent for the addition of current strengthening because it is conducive to the formation of stable sidewall. It can't be adjusted arbitrarily. Only enough electrolyzers can ensure the stable control of alumina concentration(aluminum oxide grit). In short, high or low electrolyte levels are dangerous to production. The resistance value increases.

(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit manufacturers usa)The electrolyte height should be kept at 18-20cm in general, which will affect the normal production in varying degrees(brown aluminum oxide). If the electric quality level is too low, the alumina will stay in the electric quality for a short time, and the probability of forming furnace fouling will increase(garnet abrasive). As a result, the concentration of oxidation is broken, and the cutting state enters a vicious cycle, and the number response coefficient increases.

It is because the electric quality level is too low, and the sea level of the electrode contact electrolyte is reduced, and the conductive area is reduced(pink corundum). As a result, the cell voltage is increased, the energy consumption is increased, and the high electrolytic voltage will make the rigid pole embedded in the process(black silicon carbide).  The suitable electrolyte height should be determined according to the different phase types and technical conditions of our factory.(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit manufacturers usa)

Anode gas is not easy to be discharged(brown fused alumina), which will aggravate the secondary reaction of aluminum, reduce the current efficiency, and lead to uneven magnetic consumption or long package phenomenon, and cause the furnace side of the upper mouth of the protective face to be empty, and there is a hidden danger of moisture protection or electric leakage in the manufacturing department(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The flow of voltage is proportional to the action of electrolyte.

(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit manufacturers usa)In addition, if the electrolyte is too high or the electrode claw is immersed in the electrolyte(silicon carbide abrasive), the carbon protection ring will be decomposed first, resulting in the highest neutral content of the original aluminum, and then the molten steel bearing will cause the increase of iron content in the original aluminum(synthetic corundum). The production shows that the influence of high electrolyte level on the quality of primary aluminum is obvious.

According to the annual change of electrolyte level in a factory(white alumina), three main influencing factors are analyzed, which are the reduction of production process, the change of current intensity, the mechanical simulation, and their proportion of influence is passive. Process fluctuation mainly refers to the influence of technical conditions(aluminum oxide abrasive). The out of control of technical conditions is the main factor causing the change of electrolyte level.(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit manufacturers usa)

At the same time, from the perspective of bath temperature, high bath temperature makes chlorination preferentially volatilize from the electrolyte(green silicon carbide), resulting in the change of molecular ratio (rise rate) and the loss of hydrogenation. Increasing the set voltage of the technology will lead to the melting of part of the furnace side, resulting in the opening of the liquid electrolyte(emery abrasive), and the energy response of the aluminum level to the electrolyte level.

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