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Brown Aluminium Oxide 90 Grit Suppliers Switzerland

Because whether it's slotting, its essence is the process of current transferring from one country to another(brown aluminium oxide). Then, the following scheme can be adopted: take one current road in each of the two short intersections. If the parallel national road setting is reasonable(white aluminium oxide powder). Let the device close, under the shunt protection of the circuit, smell and close the short intersection, and then open the parallel circuit.

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Theoretically, whether it's assembling short-circuit block or making open short-circuit block(black silicon carbide). In the figure, a represents the incoming bus (vertical bus, 320ka, total five quantities), B represents the short circuit block, C represents the positive section, D represents the negative section, and e represents the outgoing bus connected with the inter electrode(garnet suppliers). At this time, the current of the parallel circuit is larger.(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit suppliers switzerland)

When other short circuit blocks are closed or disconnected, the change of current conversion and voltage is relatively small(brown aluminum oxide). It is necessary to disconnect or close the short-circuit block B from the vertical direction a when the electrolysis is started or misoperated(alumina polishing powder). It can be seen from the analysis and practical operation that it is not feasible to operate the short-circuit block directly under the power on state.

(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit suppliers switzerland)The key to the problem is how to safely complete the special shift of current(green silicon carbide). Through certain measures, the short road junction can be opened or closed safely(garnet abrasive). The key to the problem is how to connect the parallel National Road (when cotton stops) when the short circuit ground is in open circuit, and dismantle the parallel circuit after all the short circuit blocks are disconnected (when the precision is opened).

When each short-circuit block is closed or opened, the current shift and voltage variation are different(brown fused alumina), that is to say, when the short circuit block is closed or opened, the corresponding control measures should be taken for each step in the process(white aluminum oxide grit), so as to ensure the stable passing of the strong current and avoid the electric chlorine ablation of aluminum wire or personal equipment accidents.(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit suppliers switzerland)

Realize the start of electrolysis cell. In practical application(pink corundum), a set of devices with the same number of sets and short intersections can be connected to both sides of each short intersection through conductive row, which forms the parallel channel of short intersection(aluminum oxide grit). This method is referred to as "large current on load short companion method", as shown in the detailed drawing, that is, to stop the fine.

(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit suppliers switzerland)When the device is in the conduction state(black corundum), the short-circuit block is closed and opened for the column with the largest over-current, and there is no spark phenomenon, the resistance value of plug-in group increases rapidly, so that the shunt flow decreases gradually, which indicates that the short-circuit block can be closed and opened safely under this condition(steel shot abrasive). It is not safe to operate the short circuit block directly.

Under the action of current, the temperature of shunt resistance rises continuously(white alumina), the current through the electrolytic cell increases gradually, and finally all of them are transferred to the electrolytic cell. When slotting, first connect the parallel circuit of the short intersection, disconnect all short circuit blocks(aluminum oxide abrasive), and then disconnect the parallel circuit, that is to realize the slotting of the electrolytic cell.(brown aluminium oxide 90 grit suppliers switzerland)

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