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Asia's consumption will reach 31.6 million tons(brown aluminium oxide), equivalent to the world's primary aluminum consumption, and the production increment will account for 60% of the world's total. North America's aluminum consumption will increase by 60% by 2020(corundum sand). In the future development of world electrolytic aluminum industry, more attention will be paid to the sustainable development of environment, economy and society.

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The application proportion of aluminum in transportation(aluminum oxide grit), construction, packaging and other industries will gradually increase, and the application range will be more extensive, and the consumption will also gradually increase.  With the gradual reduction of the influencing factors of the economic crisis, the per capita consumption has been increasing year by year in the past two years(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), so the market prospect of aluminum products is still possible.(brown aluminium oxide fine powder factory uk)

In 2003, the consumption of aluminum rolling products in Japan was 1.18 million tons(brown aluminum oxide), and the consumption of aluminum extrusion products reached 1.02 million tons. With the development of technology and economic development, the requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction will be improved(aluminium oxide polishing powder). In 2020, aluminum consumption in Europe will reach 15.8 million tons, including 61% increase in Western Europe and 60% increase in Eastern Europe.

(brown aluminium oxide fine powder factory uk)At present, the three major consumption regions in the world are Asia(aluminum oxide abrasive), North America and Western Europe, accounting for 32.3%, 24.1% and 23.2% of the total world consumption respectively. At present, the consumption of aluminum calendering and extrusion products in the above countries and regions accounted for 54.3% of the global consumption in 2003(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). Africa has the lowest production cost in the world, and its alumina production will double to 2.8 million tons.

With the advantages of energy and mineral resources, India, Russia and Gulf countries have significantly improved their status in the world aluminum industry(black aluminum oxide). At that time, the consumption of aluminum plate and strip in the main industrial countries of the European continent was 3.96 million tons, and the consumption of aluminum extrusion products was 2.01 million tons(aluminum oxide blasting media), which was almost equal to that of the United States.(brown aluminium oxide fine powder factory uk)

This is not only the need to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of society, but also the way to realize the economic benefits of electrolytic aluminum enterprises(pink aluminum oxide). At present, except for a few countries and regions such as China and Brazil, the consumption level of aluminum processing products in other developing countries is very low(garnet suppliers). Moreover, aluminum consumption in South America will increase by 50% on the current basis by 2020.

(brown aluminium oxide fine powder factory uk)At present, the aluminum industry with high energy consumption and high pollution has become a threat to the global energy and environment(white aluminium oxide). The power consumption of aluminum production accounts for 2% ~ 3% of the global energy consumption every year(black aluminum oxide media). In the long run, only advanced primary aluminum production technology, lower energy consumption and lower environmental pollution can be accepted by the public.

Point cutting pre culture tank, but it is no longer used now(brown fused alumina). At present, Australia consumes 37 pounds of aluminum per capita annually. Due to the sufficient supply of raw materials, there is a huge space for the development of alumina industry. From the perspective of the world's per capita aluminum consumption in recent years(garnet abrasive), due to the impact of the economic crisis, the world's per capita aluminum consumption slightly decreased in 2009.(brown aluminium oxide fine powder factory uk)

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