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The low-temperature (110-250 ℃) varieties of these aluminates are alkaline Sodalite, and the high-temperature varieties are pyroclastic calcium nepheline(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). The existence of other salt impurities in sodium aluminate solution will accelerate the above transformation process(aluminum oxide grit). In the use of synthetic sodium aluminate solution, the additional anion in the formula of Sodalite is mainly AI (OH) 4, while Oh - is less.

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For example, sulphate and phosphate in 200 ℃ solution can accelerate the transformation of qinfangshi, and calcium nepheline can be formed at 200 ℃ for 4H when sodium oxalate is included(brown fused alumina). It can be concluded that the existence of larger anions (CO2, so, C2) can cause the cube lattice of Sodalite to twist and change into a more stable mineral variant(synthetic corundum), which has a significant effect on the solubility of silica in sodium aluminate solution.

To determine the actual composition of sodium aluminosilicate hydrate, it is necessary to wash the red mud with hot water(brown aluminum oxide). Sodium aluminate solution often contains Na2CO3, nazso2, NaC1 and other salts, and lime is added, so the composition and structure of sodium silica slag are different from each other(emery abrasive). This is because the more stable sodalite is obtained(without considering the combination of Oh I).

The synthesis of Sodalite has a trend of conversion to calcnepheline, and the conversion rate depends on the type of additional salt, which increases in the order of OH - + Co ~ → S0(brown aluminium oxide). When the sodium silicon slag in red mud contains the above-mentioned additional salt, the combined Na2O and Al 2O 3 are reduced, and the settling performance of red mud is improved(aluminum oxide abrasive).

It can also be washed with alcohol(white alumina). In industrial production, due to the change of washing conditions, the composition of sodium silicon slag obtained under the same conditions is often not constant. When the sodalite is fully washed with hot water, Na2O · Al2O3 · 2SiO2 · nH2O, which is the chemical composition of zeolite A(black silicon carbide), can be obtained without destroying the original structure of the lattice.

According to the chemical composition of the sodium silica slag(black corundum), the loss of Na2O and Al2O3 caused by silica in bauxite is respectively: Al2O3 / SiO2 = 0.85, Na2O / SiO2 = 0.516 (both mass ratio). According to different dissolution conditions, due to the formation of other minerals of Sodalite group, the Al2O3 / SiO2 (mass ratio) in red mud can be 0.85-1.15(green silicon carbide), while the Na2O / SiO2 ratio of 0.68 is basically unchanged.

According to the total chemical formula of Sodalite group compounds, the maximum molecular ratio of Al2O3 / SiO2 in sodalite can reach 1:1.5, and the average is about 1:1.7(pink corundum). Under equilibrium conditions, the lower the caustic ratio of the solution, the higher the Al2O3 content in the resulting sodalite(silicon carbide abrasive). The relationship between dissolution temperature and Na2O / SiO2 ratio in red mud is shown in table and figure.

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