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Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Manufacturers Mexico

It refers to the load of 5 × 20cm wet cloth when it breaks(brown fused alumina price). That is to say, before the test tension, soak the cloth in the distilled water at 3035 ℃, squeeze out the excess water, and then test. It refers to the load of 5 × 20cm cloth when it breaks at the sewing place. Use the sewing machine to connect the cloth strip(silicon carbide price). The seam shall be 1cm away from one end of the cloth strip, and the two ends of the suture shall be knotted.

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For some special products, there are special requirements for cotton fabric(brown fused alumina). The wet fracture strength can also be divided into meridional and latitudinal. Calculate the percentage of the defect grid in the total number of samples, which is the defect grid percentage(arc fused alumina). Woji and huadani are two upper and two lower tissues (2 / 2), with double-sided twill. There are 2 / 2 of the khaki fabric, which is called double-sided khaki, and the weft density is 220 / 10cm. 

The requirements for the original cloth are relatively low and light cloth can be used, while the heavy cloth with high breaking strength is generally used for the sand belt(white alumina). In some developed countries, polyester cloth products have accounted for 7-8% of the cloth coated abrasives, especially in the United States, which developed the fastest, reaching 13.5% in 1981, and is still rising year by year(green carborundum). If there are neps and impurities in the grid, it is the defect grid.

According to the weight of the unit area of the original cloth, the original cloth is divided into several grades by various countries and major manufacturers for selection(brown aluminum oxide). There is no unified classification for the original cloth used by the coated abrasives in China, but the selection is still based on the above principles(fused alumina). In recent years, a new type of synthetic fiber fabric polyester cloth, as the matrix of coated abrasives, has developed rapidly.

This is because polyester cloth has better performance than cotton cloth(black corundum). After high temperature stretching and setting treatment, it has high breaking strength, small elongation, flat surface and no deformation in use. Moreover, it is waterproof and does not need waterproof treatment. R / R can be used as waterproof product (WP), while the price of cotton waterproof treatment is relatively high(black oxide aluminum). Cotton quality plays a decisive role in cotton quality

Using high-quality cotton, the cotton fiber is thin and long, the maturity is suitable(brown aluminium oxide), there is no immature cotton, over mature cotton and rigid cotton, the woven fabric has good quality, dense, white, less NEP impurities, high strength and low elongation, so the cotton grade should be higher(glass beads supplier). Coarse grained heavy cloth with coarse twill, fine grained light cloth with fine twill, and sometimes plain cloth such as poplin, with good surface smoothness.

Twill fabric and gabardine are the best choice for coated abrasives(pink corundum). Twill is a two upper and one lower tissue (2 / 1), with twill on the front and plain on the back. There are also three upper and lower (3 / 1) khaki, which is called single-sided khaki. From the yarn density, the warp and weft yarns of twill cloth are all single yarn, the density is small(silicon carbide companies), but the warp density is greater than the weft density, such as 21 × 21 twill, the warp density is 325 / 10cm.

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