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Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Manufacturers USA

It can dissociate in water. The dissociated large anion is adsorbed on the surface of the particles, glass beads supplier when the potential is the optimal value, and the particles have a negative charge. The amount is generally dry weight. 0.3% ~ 0.6%. The alumina slurry's potential value exceeds 50 ~ 60mV and reaches 120 ~ 130mV. The brown aluminum oxide 80 grit process properties have nothing to do with the alumina preparation method and the content of additives.

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Conversely, when the potential decreases, the colloidal repulsion decreases and gradually approaches. Decreasing the pink corundum particle charge determines that the f-potential adsorption is weakened and the repulsion between particles is weakened, causing agglomeration. As a result of neutralization and condensation, the ionic electromotive force is removed, silicon carbide companies and the diffusion layer is thickened to increase the activity of the counter ion and improve the stability.

When it enters the van der Waals gravitational range, the brown fused alumina mud will lose stability, the particles will quickly gather and settle and separate the supernatant, and the suspension of the mud will be destroyed, thus Flocculation, or agglomeration. The instability of the suspension, the electric double layer with a solid particle like a colloid, its aggregation state is similar to that of a colloidal solution. But the erosion of the black oxide aluminum plaster mold is greater.

According to the test, the best surface-active adsorbent is sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate. Increasing the brown aluminum oxide concentration reduces the pH interval of the lowest viscosity. If the potential is high, a certain distance can be maintained between particles, weakening and offsetting Van der Waals' gravity. The dispersion medium is fused alumina slurry of distilled water, which is cast with a gypsum mold, which is closely related to the pH value after acidification.

Some literatures mention that the brown aluminium oxide mud has the highest cohesive stability when the pH value is 3 ~ 5. Increasing the concentration of the neutral electrolyte, showing agglomeration (without ions and adding particle lattices), compression of the double diffusion layer of diffusion, and close particle distances, so gravity has the advantage. Another view on the condensation mechanism is to increase the temperature, thereby improving the stability of the green carborundum mud.

One is to prepare alkaline mud for pouring, the pH value is 12-13. Because the range of the stability of this white alumina slurry with the pH value is small, the density of the body with the same water content slurry is smaller. However, the erosion of the plaster mold is also small. The body of the acid mud with a pH value of 2 to 4 is very dense and its strength is correspondingly large, and the pH value has a small effect on the viscosity and fluidity of the arc fused alumina mud.

black corundum calcined at 1450 ° C has a wide pH range. Especially in the acidic medium, the viscosity of the mud is the smallest, and the accumulation of injected particles is the most dense. In fact, the pH value is closely related to the potential of the alumina particle. When the solid phase concentration is increased to 70% ~ 80%, the mud viscosity is increased by 1.5 to 1.7 times, silicon carbide price and the viscosity depends on the pH value of the medium.

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