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Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Price South Korea

The effective area of sintering machine is the product of the effective length of sintering machine and the width of the exhaust surface of the trolley(green carborundum). The general length width ratio is between 12 and 24. Therefore, with the increase of the sintering machine, the width of the trolley needs to be increased accordingly(100 grit aluminum oxide). See table for the relationship between trolley width and area.

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The main components of the trolley are: body, wheel and calculation bar(brown fused alumina). At present, the material of the trolley in our circle is mainly common cast iron, common cast steel and nodular cast iron. In the sintering process, the trolley carries out loading, ignition and sintering on the upper track, and discharges the sinter at the tail(black oxide aluminum). The former is used to fix the connecting shaft by tightening the screws installed on the car body.

The structural forms of the trolley include integral, two body assembly and three body assembly(brown aluminum oxide). Most of the trolleys with a width of less than 2.5m adopt the overall device structure; most of the trolleys with a width of more than 3m adopt the three body assembly structure(glass beads supplier). At present, only the 2.5m wide cast steel trolley is used for the two body assembly trolley, which is made of cast steel and connected with 9 bolts in the middle.

For the three body assembly trolley, ordinary iron storage can be used for the low temperature parts at both ends, and cast steel or ductile iron can be used for the middle part(brown aluminium oxide). The connection between trolley wheel and trolley body is realized by shaft(silicon carbide companies). There are two ways of connection, one is that the assembly of the car body and the connecting shaft adopts loose fit; the other is that the interference fit is adopted.

The advantages of this connection are easy assembly and maintenance, which is generally suitable for sintering machines below 50m °(white alumina). Generally, rolling bearings are used for trolley wheels. High temperature aluminum base grease is used as lubricating oil(arc fused alumina). When the lubricating oil is polluted by 30%, the resistance coefficient of rolling bearing will be increased to 2.5 times, and the pollution degree can be achieved after 1.5 ~ 2 months of operation.

In the former Soviet Union zhidanov factory, the sliding bearing was used in the sled test, and the life expectancy of the graphite cast iron bearing can be up to 2 years(black corundum). In the sintering plant of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., the wheels were reformed, and the spring pressed end cover was used instead of the screw pressed end cover(120 grit aluminum oxide). After the heat shield is installed, the temperature of the trolley decreases.

The cost of graphite cast iron bearing is 7-10 times lower than that of rolling bearing(pink corundum). The heat transfer of the car body is not only due to the radiation and convection of flue gas, but also due to the large heat transfer of the calculation strip in direct contact with the car body(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). This not only reduces the cost of manufacturing, but also greatly reduces the workload of maintenance and repair.

Trolley is an important part of sintering machine. Generally, the calculation strip transmits 30% - 40% of its heat to the car body(silicon carbide price). In order to reduce the heat transferred from the calculation strip to the trolley, a heat shield is installed between the trolley body and the calculation strip, as shown in the figure(fused alumina). The degree of temperature reduction of the trolley is related to the material and shape of the heat insulation sheet used.

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