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Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Switzerland

The cost is about 20,000 yuan lower than that of direct-valued electricity(brown aluminium oxide). After confirming that there is no abnormality, switch the switch to the dead state, and instruct the operator to remove the short-circuit for military inspection. is easy to open the short opening. Personnel organization. Due to the full-current operation, the personnel organization must be organized to ensure safety(low soda alumina). Power-on procedure.

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Ensure that the anode is free from dew, and is clean and hygienic(garnet abrasive price). Chapters are cleaned up. Secondly, contact the computing pair to communicate with the monk control machine. Adjust the electrolytic ellipse state to "pre-programmed", the special controller is powered off, and the words "prohibited to operate" are pasted on the operating keys(silicon carbide grit). Installation of start-stop switch. It is necessary to check and deal with it immediately.(brown aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

Check whether the steel multiplier is red, or the small gold fixture is not properly placed, etc., and take cooling or diversion measures to solve it(brown aluminum oxide). After the personnel are in place, focus on the operating procedures and safety precautions. After the division of labor. Each column is equipped with four operators(60 grit aluminum oxide). Before electrifying the electrolytic phase, check and prepare before electrifying (preparing operating tools and test tools). 

(brown aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)Before power-on, the operator will power on the switch for inspection(green carborundum). After holding all the remaining threads of each group, the short-circuit block must be pressed tightly at this time, ready to unload the last bolt, but after the opening is completed, the two sides of the column are short-circuited and inserted into the insulating board(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). In order to maintain the uniformity and stability of the furnace temperature.

After the power is completed(brown fused alumina), observe the impulse voltage of the tank controller and make a record. Before the start-stop switch is installed, the slope of the bus bar and the side of the short-circuit opening of the sintering groove are quickly polished, and then the soft belt on the switch is pressed on the side of the bus bar and the side of the chain drop(white fused aluminium oxide). The voltage of the tracer controller increased from 0.2V to 0.7V.(brown aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

Use a screw to check the case, use a millivoltmeter to test that the voltage drop of the surrounding junction is not too much to 2mV(pink aluminum oxide), and finally install two size-shaped fixtures on each short-circuit block on both sides of the short-circuit opening. And the diverter bottle drop treatment, the original period is not more than 20mV(180 grit aluminum oxide). If it was unqualified, perform soot blowing treatment or replace the short-circuit port ground pipe.

(brown aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)Within half an hour after the power is turned on, focus on the condition of the shunt(white aluminium oxide). Once the redness occurs, immediately blow the air to cool down, so that the shunt will not be broken. According to the change trend of each temperature stage of the paste, a new control is carried out to ensure a higher initial firing quality(240 grit aluminum oxide). The electrician and the tester turned on the meter to test the insulation of the short-circuit port.

After the exception handling is completed, the operating switch is switched to the off state(black aluminum oxide). The first burning of gas mainly consumes magnetism, and the total consumption of gas for 72 hours is about 5000m. The wind will stop until the voltage does not continue to rise, and a soft connection must be made(pink alumina). After all the work is stable, the bridge jumps the switch gradually. Check the quality of the furnace again.(brown aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

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