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Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Wholesale Price Taiwan

The project shall have detailed records on the purchase(pink corundum), storage, picking and consumption of raw materials required for production and perfect organization, management and supervision organization, and make clear identification and storage by classification according to the nature of raw materials and finished products, so as to make the production site clean(silicon carbide companies), tidy and safe without cross pollution. 

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Through the above analysis, after the implementation of the project(brown fused alumina), advanced production processes and equipment at home and abroad are adopted, and corresponding pollution prevention and control measures are formulated to effectively control the pollutants and basically achieve cleaner production(arc fused alumina). The workshop shall be arranged as close to the power center as possible to reduce the energy loss of pipeline and power line.

The high temperature, noise, dust, platform operation, operation equipment and electric power in the production process of the project may cause injury to the employees(silicon carbide price); in view of the unsafe factors of the project, combined with the production characteristics of corundum, and in accordance with the relevant specifications, standards and regulations(fused alumina), the following preventive measures are taken for the main occupational hazards in the production process.

The indoor floor of the building is required to be higher than the outdoor floor to prevent the rainwater from entering the room(brown aluminum oxide); the rainwater drainage pipe network shall be designed according to the local maximum rainstorm standard. Through engineering analysis(black oxide aluminum), it can be seen that the main raw materials used for corundum production in this project are ready-made and up to standard, all of which are non-toxic and harmless cleaning materials.

For gas pipeline with explosion risk, its anti-static grounding resistance shall be less than 42(green carborundum). The elevation design of the site shall not be lower than the highest flood level of the area over the years. Lightning protection and grounding protection: Buildings (structures) higher than 15m in the project are required to be equipped with lightning rod or lightning strip(glass beads supplier), and the grounding impact resistance is less than 102.

The metal shell and frame of normal non electrified equipment shall be reliably grounded, with the grounding resistance no more than 42(brown aluminium oxide); the pipeline anti-static grounding resistance no more than 102; the power socket shall be safety socket with protective grounding. The seismic fortification intensity of the project construction area is 8 degrees(brown fused alumina manufacturer), and the design basic seismic acceleration value is 0.20g: the basic seismic intensity of the project site is 8 degrees.

In the production process(white alumina), a large number of power equipment need to use electric power as the energy source, once the leakage of electricity may cause electric shock to employees, resulting in casualty accidents; in order to reduce the unsafe factors caused by power failure, at the same time, it should be equipped with protection power supply(white fused aluminium oxide), and the building construction is fortified according to the basic seismic intensity of 8 degrees.

For important places such as the main control room and transformer room(black corundum), in addition to the normal setting of 220V lighting, emergency lighting shall also be equipped, and the voltage of portable lighting shall not exceed 36V; the voltage of lighting in metal containers or humid environment shall not exceed 12V(brown fused alumina oxide); the project adopts two-way power supply, explosion-proof electrical equipment shall be used in workplaces with explosion risk.

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