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By measuring the viscosity(aluminum oxide abrasive), conductivity, density and other physical properties of sodium aluminate solution, Xiali chunyilang thinks that there are two forms of aluminate ion: Al2O3 and Al (OH) 3. In the range of low temperature and low alkali concentration(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), the lattice structure of Al (OH) 3 is similar to that of gibbsite, and the cooperation of aluminate ionon and hydrogen ion bond is obvious.

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Hongmei measured the 2Al NMR spectrum of sodium aluminate solution in the industrial concentration range under different concentration, temperature and preparation history conditions(brown fused alumina). In the region with high concentration and supersaturation, aluminate ions have obvious complexation, and it is further pointed out that there may be polymeric ions in the process from supersaturation to saturation state(aluminum oxide grit). 

However, the existence of other ions other than Al (OH) 3 in high concentration sodium aluminate solution and the form of these ions can not be unified(brown aluminum oxide). At present, with the introduction of modern research methods, such as infrared, ultraviolet, Raman spectrum and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum(synthetic corundum), people have reached a consensus that tetrahedral aluminate is the dominant ion in sodium aluminate solution.

Chen nianyi studied the UV spectrum of sodium aluminate solution and found that the UV spectrum of sodium aluminate solution varied with the preparation method and storage time(brown aluminium oxide). For example [(OH) 3al-o-al (OH) 3] 21). Carreira et al. According to the change of the absorption spectrum, it was inferred that there were a small amount of Al (OH) 3 Ions in the high caustic ratio sodium aluminate solution besides al (OH) 3 ions(green silicon carbide). 

The structure of sodium aluminate solution with high causticity ratio was studied by NMR(white alumina). In addition, because Al (OH) 3 has a great influence on the activity of free NaOH in sodium aluminate solution, Chen nianyi measured the activity coefficient of NaOH in sodium aluminate solution and calculated the activity coefficient of NaOH corresponding to the model according to the structure model of the solution(emery abrasive). 

It was found that Al (OH) 3 is only a small component when the caustic ratio is not too high (for example, AK = 2.0)(black corundum), and most of the aluminum ions are al (OH) 3 and its polymeric ions(Suggested that aluminate ions existed in the form of alo23 (corresponding to 630cm1 peak) in sodium aluminate solution with pH > 12.5(glass beads manufacturers). This process may be through the formation of some intermediate state of oligoanions.

It was proved that the NMR spectrum of concentrated sodium aluminate solution with high causticity ratio was wide(pink corundum), but it was still in the range of four coordinated aluminum, and there was no obvious peak in the range of six coordinated aluminum, which indicated that although there might be Al (OH) formation, the concentration was not high(black silicon carbide), close to the non dissociation state, which was consistent with Hongmei's view.

It was found that its position was between (70 ~ 80) × 106(silicon carbide abrasive), that is, it was all in the chemical displacement range of four coordination 7a1, the chemical displacement of solution below medium concentration was around 80um / m, and the chemical displacement of solution with high Al2O3 concentration moved to the high field of 70UM / m(garnet abrasive price). The association ion pairs mainly exist in the unsaturated sodium aluminate solution with high alkali.

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