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It is called fine crushing if the ore feeding block size is 20-50mm to the steel grid particle size is less than 3-25mm; it is called grinding if the particle size is less than 3-25mm to the particle size is less than 1.0mm. Fine crushing and grinding are also called crushing. After medium crushing, grinding is required to make black oxide aluminum into various sizes. The roller should not be too long, otherwise the wear of the roller will be more uneven.

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In the second section, a jaw crusher of 400mm × 250mm is used. There are four kinds of brown fused alumina comminution methods: roller mill comminution; ball mill comminution with screen; grinding without medium; rod mill comminution. The following is a summary analysis of the technological process and technical and economic effects of the three grinding methods which are widely used. In the first section, 900mm × 600mm jaw crusher is used, glass beads supplier with a feeding block of about 500mm and a discharging block of 100mm.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)According to the brown aluminum oxide surface shape of the roller, the opposite roller mill can be divided into two types: smooth roller type and toothed roller type. The function of the smooth roller to the material is mainly crushing and grinding. The function of the toothed roller to the material is not only extruding, but also shearing, grinding and splitting. It is suitable for crushing brittle materials. When fused alumina is broken by roller, the ore feeding condition is very important.

According to the use experience, the counter roller is generally not suitable for crushing brown aluminium oxide blocks larger than 20 mm. When the corundum block of about 20 mm is crushed to various sizes of less than 1 mm by the counter roller, it is more suitable to adopt three-stage crushing. Because the opposite roller crusher can't break the corundum block of about 500mm, silicon carbide price and the jaw crusher can't break the material into 1.00mm fine particles, so they must be used in series.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)

A section of crushing ratio i = 5 is open circuit operation. The white alumina feed block size is less than 100mm, the discharge block size is less than 20mm, and the crushing ratio i = 5. After the second section is broken, a closed-circuit operation is formed with a 20 mm sieve machine, and the corundum block larger than 20 mm is returned to the second section crusher for crushing. When silicon carbide companies using the counter roll machine, the opening distance of the roller shall not be too large, but it shall not be too small.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)Passing through the $20mm sieve shall be considered as the second stage crushing product, black corundum which shall be transferred to the opposite roller crusher, and then operated repeatedly in the opposite roller crusher until the required particle size is reached. It should be fed continuously and evenly along the whole length of roller. The diameter of the counter roller is generally 1-2 times larger than the length to increase the strength and rigidity of the arc fused alumina equipment.

Otherwise, the uneven distribution of pink corundum materials will make the surface of roller skin wear quickly, resulting in ring groove and flange, resulting in the uneven particle size of crushed products, which directly affects the completion of particle size ratio. According to practical experience, in order to effectively crush corundum, it should be noted that the crushing ratio should not be more than 3 because of the high crushing resistance of green carborundum.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)

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