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Brown Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer In China

At present, the demand of society is small, so we have to return to the electric furnace for brown fused alumina manufacturer remelting. This is the refined material of the smelting furnace. The large use of waste micro powder can increase the output of the furnace and improve the technical and economic indicators of the electric furnace. Micro powder is a good brown aluminium oxide material to reduce the temperature of furnace liquid.

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When there is a big reaction in the electric furnace, the low density white alumina reaction can be slowed down by adding micro powder to reduce the temperature of furnace liquid. When the furnace pool is overheated, the waste micro powder can also be used to cool down. For the operation of the electric furnace, there is a kind of judgment that "iron deficiency" is really nonsense. It is only to reduce the temperature of the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers furnace liquid by throwing iron filings into the furnace alone.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer in china)

As a cooling measure, iron filings are more effective than white fused alumina manufacturer micropowders, because the former is more important, especially in the application of large-scale reaction process. But it is also a bad year to reduce the temperature of the furnace liquid by using iron filings, which increases the heat in vain Second, if the temperature of the furnace pool is operated at low temperature for a long time, the molten iron will be dispersed but not concentrated in 100 grit aluminum oxide white, which will affect the quality of corundum.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer in china)Ventilation method. Advantages: low price of instrument. The waste micro powder is also the white fused alumina suppliers material before forced blanking, which makes the upper furnace liquid viscous, and then forced blanking, so that the furnace condition will be more stable. The recovered material refers to the furnace material with no commercial value at the edge or bottom of the frit, usually the semi melt of the furnace material, or the pink corundum block with the unconverted furnace material.

It is not necessary to disperse the brown fused aluminium oxide sample, but to measure the material powder. Disadvantages: only the average particle size value can be obtained, and the particle size distribution can not be measured; the fine powder less than 5um can not be measured. Small angle X-ray scattering method. It is used to measure the particle size of nano particles. These materials can be returned to the black corundum furnace after crushing to the furnace material specification and then magnetic separation.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer in china)white fused alumina price is suitable for surface beautification treatment of various high-end products, processes or hardware, etc. after sandblasting, the surface is white without any impurities, which avoids the trouble of cleaning. Features of white corundum: high fire resistance, stable performance under high temperature, no bursting. white alumina powder can also be used as touch media, insulator and precision casting sand. Photoresist method.

Advantages: the test is convenient and fast, can measure the number of brown fused alumina particles in liquid or gas, and has high resolution. Photon correlation spectroscopy (DLS). It is used to measure the particle size of nano particles. Disadvantages: the test time is long and the operation is tedious. The operation in smelting period is mainly to observe the thickness of material layer and melting area. The thickness and melting area of the brown fused alumina oxide material layer can be detected by inserting a thin iron bar.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer in china)

If the feeding speed is in accordance with the calculated value, the thickness of the brown aluminum oxide material layer is in accordance with the process regulations, the melting area is expanded to the furnace wall, the liquid level is stable, the current swing amplitude is not large, indicating that the smelting operation is normal. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient smelting time to make the remaining charge melt as much as possible and make the wholesale brown fused alumina in it volatilize.

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