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Brown Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer Vietnam

In order to reduce the brown fused alumina shape and position tolerances and improve the geometry and dimensional accuracy of the grinding tool, excessive reference or multiple loading and unloading should be avoided as much as possible during processing. In addition, the aluminum oxide abrasive tool post is an integral part of the lathe, and its function is to clamp the tool bar and realize the longitudinal and transverse feed of the tool. 

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Diamond turning tools can be used when turning fine-grained grinding wheels, and when brown aluminum oxide processing fine-grained graphite grinding wheels, rubber grinding wheels, special grinding stones for ceramics or resin binders are generally used for turning. The knife holder is composed of a large knife holder, a small knife holder, and a knife table. The big and small knife holders are respectively equipped with aluminum oxide grit shaking operation handles.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer vietnam)According to the structure and performance of lathes, the machine tools have the following types: Horizontal lathes are mainly used to process the brown aluminium oxide grinding wheel plane, aperture, cone surface, concave surface, outer diameter arc surface, etc. The lathe is equipped with large and small tool holders for longitudinal and lateral feed. The synthetic corundum tool holders can be driven manually, electrically and hydraulically.

Double-tool lathe is mainly used for white alumina machining the outer diameter of the grinding wheel. The machine tool has two tool holders, each of which is equipped with a knife bowl, and the two knife bowls are fed in two directions along the outer diameter of the grinding wheel, which has the advantages of emery abrasive simple clamping and high processing efficiency. Vertical lathes are used to process high-thickness grinding wheels, and the tool post is driven by a motor.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer vietnam)

NC double-station lathe is used to black corundum process complex-shaped special-shaped grinding wheels with high degree of automation, and low labor intensity for workers. When machining the outer diameter, flat surface and hole diameter of the grinding wheel on the same lathe, first "round" the corner of the grinding wheel, and feed the knife and bowl according to the principle of inward edge feeding to prevent the low density white alumina wheel from "bending".

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer vietnam)When other parts are machined with the hole diameter of the pink corundum grinding wheel, check whether the size of the spindle or positioning sleeve on which the grinding wheel is installed meets the specified dimensional accuracy. In order to guarantee the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy of the white fused alumina manufacturer processed product, high geometric accuracy and size of grinding wheels, the benchmark must first be found during processing. 

The silicon carbide abrasive part of the claw contacting the plane of the grinding wheel should be on the same plane, and the grinding wheel should be clamped evenly by force to prevent the grinding wheel from getting stuck. When selecting the processing method, different parts of the white fused alumina suppliers grinding tool are often used to ensure the processing quality and processing efficiency.The first processing step is the reference line or reference surface.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer vietnam)

After turning, use a grinding wheel block or green silicon carbide grinding wheel to eliminate "knife flowers" and improve the appearance quality of the grinding wheel. Common processing methods include turning and grinding. The claws of the outer diameter of the grinding wheel are adhered to 1.5 ~ 2.0mm thick pads, and fine-grained resin grinding wheels, and the thickness of each pad should be the same, and other brown fused aluminium oxide parts are processed on this basis. 

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer vietnam)When black silicon carbide processing high-thickness grinding wheels, the last tool of the finishing lathe is fully processed to eliminate the taper due to the wear of the knife and bowl. When processing the same side, the knife depth cannot be changed halfway. When feeding in the same direction in two directions, pay attention to the flatness of the joint. After the grinding wheel is finished, blow off the ash on the surface of the white fused alumina price grinding wheel with compressed air.

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