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During sliding, the critical indentation depth for cracks is much shallower than static indentation(silicon carbide price), which is probably due to the increase in tensile stress due to sliding action. Indentation hardness is mainly Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness, expressed as HB, HV and HR(aluminum oxide blast media). There is a certain relationship between hardness value and strength. Generally speaking, the higher the strength, the higher the hardness value.

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Mohr proved that the relative value of the indentation depth of abrasive grains and the critical indentation depth of material fracture has an influence on the material fracture mechanism in abrasive wear, and pointed out that high K/H values tend to be low Wear(brown fused alumina). Some people also put forward different theories. The abrasive wear process is a complex process involving multiple factors(glass beads supplier). Any metal or single-phase alloy can increase the hardness by cold working.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)

When the sharp indenter is pressed into the surface of the material, the elastoplastic indentation depth gradually increases with the increase of load(brown aluminum oxide). In addition, environmental conditions also have an impact. For example, under the action of glass abrasives, the presence of water and acidic solutions will increase the fracture. The ability of a material to resist plastic deformation under static load is called static indentation hardness(black oxide aluminum). In fact, abrasive and abrasive particles are two concepts.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)For example, the separation of wear debris proposed by Kragelski is due to repeated deformation, deep tearing, atomic wear and fatigue failure(brown aluminium oxide). It does not include fracture failure, which is a phenomenon that occurs in brittle materials or brittle materials during hardening. Deep tearing is not an independent form of destruction, but a cut caused by mechanical action(fused alumina). Therefore, typical examples are the tooth plates and rollers of a vibrating crusher.

The experiment of Raun et al. As for the atom wear mechanism, Gelakunov proposed that atoms diffuse from the crystal lattice of one object to the crystal lattice of another object(white alumina). The research on this mechanism is not sufficient, and there is no basis, it can not be used as the basic mechanism of wear(arc fused alumina). From the analysis of the relationship between wear and hardness, it is necessary to understand the type of wear and the physical nature of hardness.(brown aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)

The hardness can be divided into the following categories: the overall hardness of the material before grinding(black aluminum oxide); the surface hardness changed by the surface work hardening; if the friction heat is large enough, the surface temperature rises, high temperature hardness should be considered(silicon carbide companies). The physical nature of hardness is also very complicated, and the hardness measured by different methods may reflect the different properties of the material.

(brown aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)Several possible mechanisms of abrasive wear, some mechanisms and their details need to be further studied(pink aluminum oxide). The physical essence of these three kinds of hardness is basically the same, which means the material's ability to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture under the action of compound stress in a small range(green carborundum). See the figure below. The ability of the material to resist deformation under impact load is called dynamic hardness.

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