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It has been pointed out at the beginning that technical standards and technical conditions play a decisive role in the overall achievable technical and economic indicators of the production series(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan), and the quality of the operation has a significant effect on the stability of the production process and further the stability of the technical and economic indicators of the production series(corundum abrasive). 

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Although both are important, on the whole, it is clear that the former is more important than the latter(silicon carbide grit). In this case, even if the operation quality is extremely fine, you can't use the grid to move into the vicious circle of the vicious circle. When the second situation occurs, the combination of technical conditions will go out of balance(pink alumina), and the stability of the tank conditions cannot be maintained for a long time(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan).

At that time, no matter how to grasp the operation quality on site, the technical and economic indicators were not significantly improved(120 grit aluminum oxide). Since the 1990s, under the protection of advanced control technology, it has successfully converted to modern technology conditions characterized by low molecular ratio, low temperature and low effect coefficient, and the current efficiency has been improved by more than 5%(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan).

Therefore, this well illustrates the decisive effect of correctly maintained technological conditions on the technical and economic indicators of electrolytic hawthorn(aluminium oxide sandblasting). The unacceptable interference of excessive number of temporary replacements, large-area adjustment of poles, and excessively long feeding time should be eliminated(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). For example, the 16kA pre peicuo introduced and built in China in the 1980s is taken as an example(aluminium oxide blasting grit).

The electrolytic cell should be in a healthy state when it is operated under dry standard technological conditions(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). When changing the pole, the crust is not clean, the new pole is installed in the wrong position, the effect is overtime, the deviation of the aluminum output is too large, the chloride salt is too much at one time, and the method of tying the groove and the method of tying the furnace is too much at one time(silicon carbide powder).

Conversely, if the technical conditions deviate from the standard, there may be two situations(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media): In fact, the first situation is that the technical conditions develop in a direction that is not conducive to stability (such as a "cold trough") or a mismatched direction, and the self-balancing ability of the trough is weakened(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). For example, for power regulation, it is not simply implemented The principle of "adjustment once crossing the boundary".

First of all(80 grit aluminum oxide), in the various operations on the electrolysis cone, the effects of pole change, aluminum extraction, and extinguishment have the greatest interference on the tank(glass bead abrasive). For the setting and maintenance of standard technical conditions, the role and responsibility of managers are more important than operators(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). For example, after an ideal process and technical condition is formed, it should become a technical standard(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan).

Many regulation rules based on the principle of "overall optimization of tank conditions" are applied in the modern intelligent control system(pink corundum). This state of health is also reflected in the ability of sperm to have sufficient self-balance and disease resistance, can overcome a certain degree of interference by itself, and can tolerate the spread of operation quality in a short period of time without causing disease(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). 

The second situation is that the technical conditions move to a new equilibrium state (such as the polymer ratio under the conditions similar to the traditional process and technology)(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). High temperature state), the so-called "good management, but no good indicators" situation occurs, that is(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), although the tank can operate stably, the current efficiency indicator drops sharply, and the energy consumption indicator deteriorates accordingly.

Other operation standards and management standards are formulated and implemented around the process and technical conditions for the smooth realization of the standard(steel shot abrasive). The tendency of emphasizing operation and neglecting technology should be changed(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). Some people say that the quality of equipment is the problem of electrolysis dead or alive, and the quality of process refers to the problem of elevation or low(garnet mesh 30 60).

The process and technical conditions adopted in its design are the traditional process and technical conditions characterized by high polymer ratio, high temperature and high efficiency(black aluminum oxide). Then the reduction in DC power consumption exceeded 00kWh(240 grit aluminum oxide). In the on-site management, not only the operation quality of the operator should be considered(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). Minimize manual intervention and ensure man-machine coordination.

However, if a manual positive shift occurs at this time, the tracking and prediction process of the control system will be interrupted, and the timely prediction effect and timely measures will be lost (such as effect prediction processing)(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). It is also necessary to assess the managers' maintenance of standard technical conditions and the rationality and stability of adjustment measures in case of deviation from technical conditions(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan).

The smaller the external interference to the operation of electrolytic machinery, the less likely it is to make mistakes in the judgment of grid condition and the control of alumina and cell resistance (cell voltage) by aluminum electrolysis control system(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). Become sensitive, squeamish, and get sick with small disturbances(aluminium oxide blasting media). Therefore, the design value and early actual value of current efficiency were 87 ~ 88%. Rely on aluminum electrolysis control system.

At the critical moment when the effect prediction and other lead oxide concentration control are about to be made, the adjustment of the resistance will be suspended even if the tank resistance exceeds the limit(white fused alumina), so as to continue to track the change of tank power consumption and confirm whether the conditions for the prediction effect are met(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan). The more modern process depends on the equipment, the stronger(aluminium oxide blasting).

If it is found that the resistance exceeds the limit and the control system is not adjusted on site, we should be able to clearly know what causes it (due to the control system's own strategy(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan)? Control system failure(aluminum oxide blast media canada)? Restrictions on the control system? Resistance beyond the allowable automatic control range, etc.). only the process quality assessment standards are formulated, and there are no assessment standards for technical conditions.

Influence(garnet blasting media). The former involves "strategic" issues, while the latter involves "tactical" issues. This requires operators and managers to understand the control idea of the control system(white aluminium oxide powder). The control system ensures man-machine coordination and avoids man-machine "confrontation" The main operation of electrolysis, the adjustment of technical conditions and the entry and exit of logistics are based on the normal equipment.(brown aluminium oxide powder suppliers pakistan)

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