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The composition and characteristics of the inner Village side (the side above the bottom dry impervious material or fire brick) are as follows(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers): for the side corresponding to the end of the bottom carbon block, build a 65mm thermal insulation brick against the steel wall, or lay 10mm asbestos board and 0 ~ 60mm high-temperature calcium carbonate board(sandblasting sand). 

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Then, heat insulation fire shooting concrete (high-strength castable) is poured between the insulation layer and the bottom carbon block, and the space for rolling artificial extension is reserved(white fused alumina manufacturers). Semi integral tamping type: the bottom carbon body is built with cathode carbon block, and the side is formed by throwing plastic carbon paste on site. Reality. Asbestos board(green silicon carbide): The current implementation standard is JC/T6 copies ~ 2000(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers).

The process of large-scale intermediate blanking requires that the bottom should have good thermal insulation to facilitate the cleanness of the furnace bottom(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers); The side shall have good heat dissipation to promote the natural formation of furnace particles(brown fused alumina suppliers). According to the deformation of comb bottom, it is allowed to locally process the heat insulation plate, but the processing thickness shall not be greater than 10mm(brown corundum). 

When the capacity(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), material performance and process requirements are different, the designed lining structure should be different. Build a layer of refractory brick above the castable, and then build a layer of 123mm thick side carbon block (or silicon carbide brick bonded with silicon nitride) above the refractory brick(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). There is a 35mm wide gap between cathode carbon blocks, which shall be fixed with autocratic middle seam paste(white aluminum oxide blast media).

The bottom of the inner village is composed of a layer of 6smmm calcium silicate insulation board (or a layer of 10qmm thick asbestos board and then a layer of silicate insulation board) at the bottom(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). The lower thermal insulation and refractory materials are similar to those of integral tamping type(wholesale brown fused alumina). The castable (or brick attached) under the side carbon block shall be made into step cotton shape to arrange the leg extension too long.

Next(aluminum oxide sand), mainly combined with the lining structure example of the above large-scale pre culture tank, this paper introduces the current basic specifications of large-scale pre culture furnace in China, mainly including process requirements and material indexes(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The materials listed are the commonly used materials for the internal materials of electrolytic cells in China, rather than the best and most advanced materials(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers).

According to the process requirements of cell bottom masonry, clean and set out(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). After the cell is filled and cleaned, the benchmark setting out operation shall be carried out according to the construction drawing of electrolytic cell lining. A layer of 10qmm asbestos board shall be laid in the groove of asbestos storage board, and the joint shall be less than 2mm(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The joint of stone planting board shall be filled with alumina.

The peripheral joint between the bottom carbon block and the side masonry shall be tied into an artificial city leg with a height of 200cmm(garnet abrasive suppliers). The production of cathode carbon block group, including carbon The processing and assembly of blocks and steel bars are two parts(sandblasting abrasive). The joints of thermal insulation board (calcium silicate board) shall be less than 2mm, and all joints shall be filled with aluminum oxide powder(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers).

The heat insulation plate shall be machined by cutting(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). The carbon glue shall be pasted on the back to the steel shell wall(china brown fused alumina manufacturers). The carbon block on the side shall be tightly attached with a steel plate of 80mm wide and 10mm thick. The carbon block shall be welded on the lattice shell to prevent the carbon block from lifting up(how to choose white fused alumina). The first layer of heat-insulating refractory bricks are operated on the heat-insulating board.

The carbon materials (cathode carbon blocks, side carbon blocks and pastes, etc.) in the furnace materials will also be discussed in detail in the carbon materials and technologies for aluminum(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). Spread dry impermeable material: spread the dry impermeable material on the refractory brick, hang it flat with a sample plate, lay a layer of film, and pave fiberboard on the film, and then use a plate vibrating machine(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). 

An example of the basic structure scheme of large-scale pre-melted aluminum electrolytic grid lining in my country(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). Masonry (dry) drilling soil heat insulation refractory bricks, the heat insulation bricks are processed by silver cutting, and the masonry pair is controlled by pulling wires layer by layer according to the masonry layer height line drawn on the lattice shell(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). All masonry joints are less than 2mm and filled with alumina powder.

Many people recommend the use of semi-circular cross-sections, but there is no industrial practice in my country(aluminum oxide blast media). The second layer of heat-insulating refractory bricks and the first layer of heat-insulating bricks should be laid in staggered joints, and all brick joints should be filled with alumina powder(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting): the third insulation brick and the side insulation board are filled with refractory particles, the particle size is less than 2mm(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers).

Theoretically speaking(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers), the stress distribution around the circular rod is uniform, but the connection (bonding method) between the circular forest and the block has no mature technology in our country(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). Dry-type anti-scavenging material: The table lists the main physical and chemical performance indicators of Qian-type anti-scavenging material that meets the national standard GB/1Q294-88(aluminum oxide supplier). No empty tickets are allowed.

Asbestos board is made of asbestos as the main raw material and added with binder and filling material(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). Generally, asbestos board is required to have uniform structure, uniform thickness and smooth surface, but it is allowed to have felt indentation on one side or double-sided The texture of the net is not allowed to have defects such as cracking, bubbling, delamination, and missing corners(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). At present, goose paste joint is used in China(white aluminium oxide powder).

Especially(vietnam aluminum oxide), it can overcome the stress concentration problem caused by the rectangular or dovetail planting type, can reduce the risk of damage to the cathode carbon block, and can obtain a lower iron/system voltage drop(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). The bonding type in the masonry type reduces the weak link of "seam"(black silicon carbide). It is proved by some aluminum factories that it can obtain a very high precision life, but it has high requirements for design and material.

At present, square or rectangular rods are still used to process the grooves of the cathode carbon blocks into the shape of steaming tail grooves(aluminium oxide blast media). In the past 20 years, new aluminum plants in the world have generally adopted long carbon blocks and long anode steel rods(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). The assembling methods of the cathode carbon block and the steel rod include carbon paste solidification, phosphorus pig iron casting, and carbon binder bonding(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). 

Fire resistant particles shall be de filled between the insulation board and the tank shell(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), and the particle size shall be less than 2um(brown aluminium oxide shot blast suppliers). Since the mid-1970s, due to the continuous increase in electrolytic cell capacity, after the use of large cross-section cathode carbon blocks, the design of two grooves for each cathode steel rod has been adopted, that is, each cathode carbon block and two The cathode steel rods are connected(aluminum oxide blast media canada).

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