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Brown Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Blast Media Malaysia

During the evaporation process, to ensure that the alumina sodium oxide does not exceed the standard(arc fused alumina), there will be a small amount of gas that cannot be condensed into liquid at the normal evaporation temperature. Its presence will occupy a certain volume in the heating chamber(white fused alumina for refractory). Mainly maintain the condensate outlet trap in production to ensure that the steam chamber does not accumulate water. 

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If it is not excluded in time(brown fused alumina), it will reduce the heating area and reduce the heat transfer coefficient (steam Contains 1% of non-condensable gas heat transfer coefficient decreased by 60%), in the production process, employees in the workshop are required to regularly discharge non-condensable gas, causing steam waste(fused alumina), affecting the unit's vacuum, and there is a record of the account, otherwise they will be held accountable.(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media malaysia)

If the condensed water generated after the heating steam releases heat(brown aluminum oxide), it will not only cause the evaporator to vibrate, but also occupy a certain volume during heating, if it is discharged too fast, the steam will directly The condensate system is channeled to the next effect or return tank, even destroying the unit's thermal balance and reducing productivity(black oxide aluminum). During this period, the temperature of the lye must be strictly controlled.

(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media malaysia)Scars in the heating tube of the evaporator are bad conductors of heat(brown aluminium oxide), greatly reducing the heat transfer coefficient and increasing the steam consumption, the utilization rate of the exhaust steam of the dissolution condenser is low; increase the water volume of the dissolution condenser in the production(glass beads manufacturers), after the flat plate washing effect is improved, the steam should be turned off in time to reduce waste. 

In the production, reducing the heating area and affecting the heat transfer efficiency(white alumina); the feed ratio of the four-effect and six-effect is strictly controlled to increase the utilization rate of the secondary steam and reduce the steam consumption. The steam consumption of the subsidence hot water station accounts for about 10% of the total steam consumption(glass beads supplier). It is called non-condensable gas.(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media malaysia)

In the production, according to the pressure of the heating chamber of the evaporator, water washing and acid washing of the evaporation station are regularly arranged(black aluminum oxide); sodium sulfate and silicon dioxide in the mother liquor is strictly controlled to reduce the scarring of the pipe wall. If the feed volume of the four-effect is too large(garnet abrasive price), it will cause the increase of secondary steam and cannot be fully utilized.

(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media malaysia)The main factors affecting the steam consumption are the following(pink aluminum oxide): the use of circulating pumps to drive the wash water into the heater during production to stabilize the heater water supply; the workshop is required to control the wash water temperature stably 97℃, timely adjust the steam volume of the heater(glass bead abrasive); and try to increase the preheating temperature of the washing water into the heater;

Strictly control the steam consumption of the gas station in production, make good statistics(silicon carbide price), the production equipment is significantly reduced due to factors such as scarring, the workshop uses steam to heat the flat plate washing water must be reported in advance(steel shot abrasive). The temperature of the alkali cooking liquor in the production equipment is too high, the time is too long or empty The steam release is a waste of steam.

In the production(green carborundum), if the steam is used in the alkali cooking workshop, an application must be submitted to the dispatch room one hour in advance to explain the reasons for the steam use, the flow rate and the steam use time. After the flat-plate washing technology is changed to evaporating qualified water(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), the content of sodium carbonate, the heating temperature without steam is around 70℃.(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media malaysia)

The normal washing water temperature can meet the production requirements(silicon carbide companies), but when the flat-plate filter cloth is used for a long time and the slurry filtering effect is poor, and the operating capacity is significantly reduced, mainly in the settlement and decomposition workshops, prevent the condenser from steaming(aluminum oxide 40 grit), the washing water temperature Need to increase to above 80 ℃ to reduce filter cake collateral damage.

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