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Brown Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Blast Media UK

In the initial stage of drying, the refractory powder particles in the coating are covered by the binder hydration film(silicon carbide companies). Due to the evaporation of surface moisture, the internal moisture gradually migrates to the surface of the shell. The silica sol in the poorly dried shell has not been completely transformed into a gel(glass bead abrasive), or it has just begun to gel and contains a certain solvent, and the skeleton does not have enough strength.

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If a layer is immediately applied, the shell will swell, deform or The phenomenon of gel remelting(green carborundum). It can be seen from the above that the key to building the strength of the silica sol shell is sufficient drying of the coating, which is based on the volatilization of the solvent. The above two kinds of sanding equipment are equipped with a vacuum cleaner(glass beads manufacturers). Therefore, boiling method is more suitable for sanding the reinforcement layer (back layer), but not for the surface layer.

(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media uk)With the removal of moisture during the drying process of the shell, the concentration of the silica sol increases(silicon carbide price), and the chances of SiO2 colloidal particles collide with each other increase, and more and more silyl ether bonds are formed between the colloidal particles, and the sol finally gels to form a silicone gel(garnet abrasive price). And bind the refractory particles together, so that the shell has strength. As the relative humidity rises, the drying speed of the shell decreases.

This is a non-ionic surface wetting agent-based emulsion (density <1g/em)(pink corundum). The module is immersed in a water-based emulsified cleaning solution, and after 8 to 10 seconds up and down, the cleaning solution is lifted up and dropped. You can enter the next process (dipping paint). This water-based cleaning solution has a milky white appearance(black oxide aluminum). There are already commercial products in China. Its pH value is about 6-8.  It can be used after being diluted with tap water 111.(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media uk)

Therefore, controlling the drying process is to reduce the moisture content of the shell at the end of drying to within 16%(brown fused alumina). In the process of drying and sintering, with the removal of water and solvent, the shell will shrink in volume. If the drying of each part is uneven and the shrinkage is inconsistent, internal stress will occur and cracks may appear(fused alumina). Therefore, the drying of the silica sol shell should be carried out in an environment that can maintain the uniformity of its drying.

(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media uk)When the relative humidity is above 80%(white alumina), the curve is flat, the drying speed decreases significantly, and the drying time of the shell will increase greatly. In order to shorten the drying time of the shell, the relative humidity should be controlled below 7%. Accelerating the air flow rate can reduce the partial pressure of the solvent in the air(glass beads supplier), thereby speeding up the drying speed of the shell and significantly shortening the drying time.

The disadvantages of boiling method are large dust and poor working conditions(black corundum); high-speed airflow can easily cause sand particles to penetrate the coating layer and affect the surface quality. Generally, forced ventilation is used to speed up the air flow speed. The wind speed is controlled at 6~8m/s, which is suitable for drying the back layer shell; but when the wind speed is too high, it will blow away sand particles and damage the coating(arc fused alumina), so it should be controlled appropriately .

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