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The voltage rise during removal is generally not allowed to exceed Q5V(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). If the voltage rises sharply, the removal work should be stopped and the anode current distribution should be checked. If there is any abnormality, adjust it in time and continue the removal after the voltage is stable(wholesale brown fused alumina). When the difference in anode current distribution is too large, loosen and tighten the soft connecting bolts for shunt.

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The short-circuit port is connected to the shunt type, that is, a certain number of shunt pieces are connected in parallel to the four short-circuit ports of the electrolytic cell to play a role of shunting(garnet abrasive suppliers). It is necessary to control the drop rate of the sub-electrolysis temperature(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). Other abnormal situations must be reported in time, and the abnormal situation and the results of the treatment should be recorded in the wall burn log(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). 

Burning process data acquisition(china aluminum oxide sandblasting), recording voltage (1 time/2 hours), using pre-conditioned thermocouples for temperature measurement (1 time material hour); anode current distribution measurement (1 time W8 hours); measurement of the electrolytic cotton chair shell according to the situation The temperature of each part(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). For example, generally, there are 12 bolt holes at each of the four short intersections of the 200kA pre culture tank(vietnam aluminum oxide).

If the temperature drops too fast, although it can speed up the formation of the electrolyte and promote the rapid formation of the furnace, the resulting cell structure is imperfect and has poor stability(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Aluminum handle, aluminum handle, melting tank. These bolt holes are used to crimp a certain number of splitter plates to realize shunting, and the split flow can be adjusted by adjusting the volume of splitter plates(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). 

When the fire hole or the anode is exposed(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers), it should be covered with cryogenic stone or hot material in the actuator in time(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). When the anode falls off, the guide rod of the off pole must be taken out (first remove the soft connection and then lift it out with a crane), and the off anode can be replaced after the start is completed(aluminum oxide wholesale). Inspect the side window and the cathode steel god for redness and electrolyte leakage.

If the soft connection is expected to be straight at present, loosen the bow clamp first(white fused alumina for refractory). Use a wooden rod to pry the soft connection into the designed shape and then tighten the bow clamp. The large-scale power transmission process can be divided into 4-5 levels (for example(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), the 200kA tank in a plant is divided into four levels of 8KA, 120ka, 16kA and 20KA, and the 320ka tank in a plant is divided into five levels of 8KA, 16kA, 24ka, 28ka and 2kA)(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). 

The changing trend of the firing process(white aluminum oxide blast media), after the electrolytic cell is energized, the firing (0-70 hours, the cell voltage is gradually reduced from the initial 4V (impact voltage is about 6V) to about 2V(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). Bring the charcoal in the plant: use the cinder arc to pulverize the cinder at the leak, the end of the road and the two major surfaces, and put the removed cinder into the slag box(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). The splitter is generally removed in several times.

Work preparation, check the accuracy of various tasks such as furnace loading, and check the tools used(garnet abrasive); contact the computer station, connect the relevant control software and program of the power slot, and ensure that the information channel is unblocked and placed in the "warm-up" state(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). If the edges are hollowed out, in order to strengthen heat preservation, push the material to block the hollowed out(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand).

Record the voltage before and after disassembly when disassembling the streamer(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). Prepare the raw materials(aluminium oxide powder), confirm the heat number and the amount of electrolyte sucked out of the electrolyte, preheat the electrolyte package, prepare a sufficient amount of liquid electrolyte (take 200kA plant as an example, prepare 4 to 5 tons, temperature above 70 ℃, molecular ratio not less than 135h and Prepare the wrong liquid and cryolite(steel grid).

Issue the power on command, confirm that the short intersection operation is completed and the insulation is normal, and notify the rectifier station by on-site telephone (or mobile phone and walkie talkie) to start power transmission(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Put both the manual and automatic anode lifting functions in the tank controller in the "off" state to prevent accidental pole disorder, and put warnings on the tank controller panel(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit).

Confirm the power failure, contact the rectifier station by telephone (or mobile phone, walkie talkie) at the site to start the power failure, and confirm that all the series are powered off(black silicon carbide). For example, check the distance between the short-circuit strip and the column bus to ensure that there is a gap above LEM and there are iron weak sundries, which must be taken out in time(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). After carrying it, clean it and cover it(white aluminium oxide powder).

Prevent sparking during the dismantling process, and the voltage of the tank after all dismantling is not allowed to exceed 45V(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). For short intersection operation, loosen all the fastening screws of the short intersection with a pneumatic wrench or a large wrench, take out the old insulating protective sleeve, blow out the dust at the short intersection with wind, and replace it with a new insulating protective sleeve(green silicon carbide).

Isolation of anode middle seam and vertical seam(how to choose white fused alumina): install a cover plate on the anode, place the cover plate in turn from the aluminum outlet end, and place the cover plate on the anode middle seam to prevent materials from entering the anode middle seam, so as to avoid electrolyte non circulation during electrolyte filling(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). The whole short intersection operation is generally required to be completed within 5 minutes(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting).

The process of raising the current from one level to the upper level can be carried out quickly, and then the current at each level stays for 3-5 minutes, generally delivering the full current within 20 minutes(abrasive blasting grit). Taking a large-scale measure of a plant as an example, the installation position of thermocouple is shown in the figure. The lengths of the four diverters used on a large plant are 2400m, 2550mm, 2700mm and 2850mm(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit).

If the voltage exceeds 6V at a certain level of current(white aluminum oxide grit), the tube stops and continues to increase the current until the voltage drops to 5.5V(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). During power transmission, the cell voltage, current, splitter temperature and equidistant voltage drop of each stage shall be measured and recorded(aluminium oxide blast media). Management and removal of shunt plate: check the conductivity and anode current distribution of the shunt after power on.

The condition for the first time is that after 6 hours of power on, and the voltage drops below a certain amplitude (e.g. 35 V), the shunt shall be removed again after the voltage drops to a certain amplitude(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The specific installation procedure is to uncover all the style plates on side B, and weld a specified number of splitter plates on the cathode steel bar corresponding to each anode steel claw beam(brown aluminum oxide 150 grit). Cover plate(sandblasting abrasive).

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