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Brown Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Manufacturers UK

Another reason for the loss of Na2O is TiO2, which also reacts with Na2O during the dissolution process and causes the loss of Na2O(brown fused alumina). Of course, other trace components, such as fluorine, vanadium, phosphorus, rubbing, and organics, can also cause loss of NazO during the dissolution process, but because their content is small, the effects of these components can be ignored(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Another important reason for the loss of Nax is the Na2O carried away by the red mud.

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The worse the washing effect, the greater the loss of Na2O(brown aluminum oxide). For example, during the dissolution process of adding lime, hydrated garnet will be formed, which will reduce the loss of alkali. It can be seen that the higher the A / S of the ore, the smaller the loss of Na2O; the lower the A / S of the ore, the greater the loss of Na2O(green silicon carbide). Because it is impossible to completely remove the attached Na2O during the red mud separation and washing process, the loss of Naz will inevitably be caused.

 Dense bauxite has few pores and cracks, and it has much worse dissolution performance than loose and porous bauxite(brown aluminium oxide). However, in the actual production process, when the bauxite is dissolved, the equilibrium molecular ratio cannot be reached(emery abrasive). As can be seen from the foregoing, as long as the molecular ratio MR of the sodium aluminate solution does not reach the equilibrium molecular ratio under dissolution conditions, it has the ability to dissolve alumina in bauxite.

Therefore, in the actual production process, the molecular ratio of the sodium aluminate solution should be controlled(white alumina). Because the closer the molecular ratio of the sodium aluminate solution is to its equilibrium molecular ratio, the less the driving force for the dissolution of bauxite and the slower the dissolution rate, the more time it takes to dissolve the same amount of alumina than it takes at the beginning of dissolution The time has increased several times(aluminum oxide grit).

Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of industrial production, the molecular ratio of sodium aluminate solution cannot reach its equilibrium molecular ratio during the dissolution process(black corundum). In addition, if the molecular ratio of the sodium aluminate solution is very low during the dissolution of the bauxite, the stability of the sodium aluminate solution may be reduced during the operation steps after the dissolution, which may cause the decomposition loss of alumina(synthetic corundum).

These influencing factors can be roughly divided into two aspects: the dissolution performance of bauxite itself and the operating conditions of the dissolution process(pink corundum). The dissolution performance of bauxite refers to the difficulty of dissolving Al2O3 in alkaline solution, and the difficulty is relatively speaking(aluminum oxide abrasive). The dissolution of crystalline materials is essentially the destruction of the crystal lattice. In the Bayer process, the alumina hydrate is destroyed by the OH ions entering its lattice.

Because of different crystal forms and structures, various alumina hydrates have different lattice energies, which makes their dissolution performance very different(silicon carbide abrasive). In addition to the mineral composition, the structural morphology, impurity content, and distribution of aluminum ore also affect its dissolution performance(black silicon carbide). The so-called structural form refers to the appearance form, crystallinity, and the like of the surface of the ore.

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