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Brown Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Suppliers Belarus

Spraying material can be used to build and repair furnace linings in the cold state and to be coated as a protective layer(brown fused alumina). It is more suitable to repair furnace villages in the hot state. In the cold construction, compared with the pouring method, the construction period is short, and models and supports are not needed for high-altitude construction, and dense structures can be obtained(aluminum oxide grit). The particles are densely packed and fit firmly.

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Compared with the castable of the same material, the spraying construction can increase the density of the structure, so the erosion resistance is also higher(brown aluminum oxide). Generally speaking, the erosion surface of the furnace lining is large, and the wet spraying method is better in the hot state; the dry method is often used to fill the local severely eroded parts. Compared with castables, spraying can obtain high-density and high-intensity sprayed layers(silicon carbide abrasive). It is used when repairing in the hot state.

In addition to the advantages of short construction period and easy repair, the timely repair of damaged parts can extend the life of the furnace lining, improve productivity, and sometimes reduce the unit consumption of refractory(brown aluminium oxide). In terms of materials alone, the most important factor affecting adhesion is the cohesiveness of the mixture itself(synthetic corundum). Therefore, any measure that can improve the cohesiveness of the material can improve the adhesion.

This material is the main material for repairing metallurgical furnaces(white alumina). The effect of the two construction methods on strength is most significant at room and medium temperatures. The spraying construction improves the strength of the refractory material. The reason is that the spraying construction can make the various particles of the mixture have a high momentum and make it continuously spray into the bottom material(green silicon carbide). To form a strong bond.

If the water content in the spray material is small and the amount of the binder is low, its shrinkage is also lower than that of the cast material(black corundum). In the metal smelting process, due to the extensive use of this material for timely and reasonable spray repair of metallurgical furnaces, the life of the furnace lining has been significantly improved(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The performance of the refractory projectile has a great relationship with the technical performance of the gas ejector.

Mainly used for lining of steel drums(pink corundum). In addition, in various industrial kilns, using this material as a protective layer and spraying on the protected base material also has good technical and economic effects(black silicon carbide). The difference between the two is that the spraying method is changed to a high-speed (50 ~ 60m / s linear velocity) projection machine to directly project the mixture into the gap between the circular container and the model to form a dense structure.

The composition and properties of the projectile are the same as those of the jet(aluminum oxide abrasive). The linear velocity of the throwing head is high, the kinetic energy obtained by the projectile is large, and the lining volume (large, low apparent porosity, and high pressure strength. The performance of the projectile is also affected by the material, particle size, type of cement or water consumption(emery abrasive). The volume must be stable to ensure the integrity and tightness of the masonry and protective layer.

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