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Brown Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Suppliers China

The sintering clinker dissolution technology includes low caustic molecular ratio dissolution technology and brown fused alumina high sodium carbonate concentration two-stage grinding dissolution technology. The low caustic ratio specific dissolution technology is mainly to overcome the secondary reaction of 2Ca · SiO2 in the aluminum oxide abrasive dissolution process, and to improve the net dissolution rate. 

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Because the secondary reaction rate is closely related to the concentration of caustic soda in the brown aluminum oxide solution, a higher alumina concentration is desired in the production process, so the caustic ratio must be reduced to achieve the purpose of reducing caustic soda and reducing secondary reactions. Crude liquid desilication technology, aluminum oxide grit including indirect heating continuous desilication technology, lime milk-added deep desilication technology and HCAC desilication technology.

The clinker two-stage grinding and brown aluminium oxide dissolution technology is a technical improvement for the traditional one-stage grinding and dissolving problem. It can realize the rapid separation of red mud in one dissolution, effectively avoid the secondary reaction loss in the dissolution process, and improve the dissolution rate of synthetic corundum and sodium oxide up to 4 % Or more, it can also greatly improve the dissolution mill's ability, it is easier to operate the dissolution mill. 

Indirect heating continuous desiliconization refers to the desiliconization technology in which white alumina heating steam does not directly contact the heated solution, which not only avoids dilution of the solution by steam, but also realizes continuous operation; the labor intensity of the operation is reduced. At the same time, higher semen quality can be obtained, thereby reducing the amount of desiliconized black silicon carbide circulation.

The control of the black corundum desiliconization index is more stable. At the same time, a large amount of new steam consumption can be saved in the desiliconization and evaporation processes, and the operating efficiency of the equipment can be improved. The ore-enhanced sintering method has a wide adaptability to aluminum-containing raw materials with different aluminum-silicon ratios, allowing the emery abrasive raw material formula to fluctuate within a wide range.

It is based on the traditional desiliconization to further deepen the degree of pink corundum desiliconization, to meet the requirements of greatly improving the quality of semen (A / S), which can make the A / S of semen. Increasing from 450 to more than 1,000 is very important to ensure the quality of garnet abrasive, and it is also one of the important supporting technologies for continuous carbonation decomposition technology application.

HCAC desiliconization technology is to synthesize calcium aluminosilicate hydrate with part of the silicon carbide abrasive crude liquid before adding desilication lime milk for desilication. After increasing its activation energy, and at the same time, add the crude liquid for desilication, which can reduce the consumption of lime milk and Short operation time and complete desiliconization at lower operating temperature, and the glass bead blasting media suppliers stability of the operation is improved. 

The deep desiliconization technology is a proprietary technology developed in the 1980s. Rich-enhanced green silicon carbide sintering process. Based on experimental research, the former Zhongnan University of Technology Professor Yang Chongyu proposed a new two-component, two-stage sintering process, which breaks through the traditional concept that the sintering process cannot handle garnet suppliers raw materials with high aluminum-silicon ratio. 

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