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At present, the parameters that can be detected online and in real time by the computer control system are still limited to the dry cypress voltage and series current(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). On the one hand, the accuracy and reproducibility of dynamic temperature measurement are related to the data processing algorithm, on the other hand, it is greatly related to the material and structure of thermoelectric probe(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). 

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However(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers), because the thermocouple protection tube problem involved in the continuous measurement of the electrolyte temperature is difficult to solve, people naturally think of a method of estimating the temperature in the cell by detecting the temperature of the groove wall(black silicon carbide). But the problem is that the corrosion resistance of thermoelectric protective casing is difficult to solve(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit).

(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa)The dynamic analysis program for the inner shape of the furnace pellet developed by the Central South University Meizhi and others uses the sidewall temperature detected by the thermoelectric power supply station installed in a certain way to analyze the thickness of the furnace strand and display the two-dimensional inner shape of the furnace brain(the inner or outer wall of the metal vertebral shell, or the inner lining)(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit).

Although other important parameters that are routinely detected manually can also be input into the computer control system as auxiliary information, the detection interval is too long(green silicon carbide). It has far affected its role, and there are some important monitoring parameters due to the many difficulties in the research, and have not been completely resolved so far, so there is no detection at all(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit).

For a long time(pink alumina), the on-line or rapid detection parameters that the aluminum industry is looking forward to include measuring only the initial product temperature and oxidation concentration(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). Due to the strong corrosiveness of aluminum electrolytic melts, the corrosion resistance of conventional contact sensors is difficult to solve, so it is necessary Introduce and research non-destructive, non-contact sensing technology(buy brown fused alumina).

The Jintie-based alloy casing with a wall thickness of 5mm has an insertion life of 0 days in the electrolyte(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The service life of about 30 days is still not satisfactory to the industry, and the corrosion of the alloy casing will increase the content of iron and other impurities in the molten steel(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). For taking the electrolyte sample, prepare the electrolyte sample spoon, the electrolyte sample mold and the electrolyte sample box.

The temperature response of the carbon-based sleeve is too poor(150 grit aluminum oxide), the strength is not ideal, and its ablation in the electrolyte is also faster(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). In summary, do the sidewall temperature data of the metal tank shell measured by the thermocouple have the following characteristics(pink corundum)? With the continuous improvement of production process monitoring and management requirements in modern aluminum electrolysis industry.

At the same time, the shorter service life of Dependent Combustion will lead to higher use and maintenance costs(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The company once used the daily half-average value of the wall temperature and the daily average value of the anode effect peak voltage as input parameters, and printed or displayed a two-dimensional judgment chart of heat balance and anode working status for each tank every day(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). 

The solution of multi-point temperature measurement on the groove wall can obviously overcome the problem of insufficient representativeness of the single-point temperature measurement of the wall(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). Therefore, it is widely used in the current computer control system, but the signal function is only auxiliary, and more measurement points lead to detection(steel grid). The use and maintenance cost of the system has increased.

This can reduce the contact time between thermocouple and electrolyte, so it can prolong the service life of thermocouple(black corundum). Cast iron-based alloy casing has better strength, better heat conduction, and its corrosion resistance is similar to that of ceramic casing and carbon casing(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). The continuous measurement of electrolyte temperature by thermocouple has always been a special thing in the aluminum industry(alumina grit).

More importantly, on this basis, it is expected to realize the on-line automatic inter song temperature measurement of aluminum reduction cell(alumina abrasive). Another way to solve the problem of monitoring parameters is to use "soft sensing" technology, that is, the comprehensive application of mathematical statistics, system identification and parameter estimation methods, computer dynamic simulation technology and so on(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit).

For example(aluminium oxide blasting media), by installing a device in the upper structure of the electrolytic cell that can automatically insert (then extract) the thermocouple into the electrolyte melt, and using the computer system to automatically process the response curve of the heat and power supply, the fixed-point inter song temperature measurement of the electrolyte melt can be realized(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). The structure of the spherical probe is shown in the figure(white aluminum oxide blast media).

Using the analytical ability of the computer, the temperature of the measured medium can be predicted while detecting the output signal of the thermocouple(white fused alumina). Later researchers proposed some new probe structures, and extended the analysis idea of thermocouple response curve in dynamic thermal temperature method to judge the initial product point of electrolyte by using the response curve(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit).

If the prediction accuracy meets the requirements(low soda alumina), the thermocouple can be extracted in time(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). The dynamic temperature measuring device can automatically insert the contact sensor into the electrolyte melt, and calculate the electrolyte temperature when the potential signal is stable by using the dynamic change curve of the potential signal obtained during the short contact between the thermocouple and the melt(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

Li Jie et al. Studied and established the electrolyte temperature adaptive prediction and estimation model used with the inter song temperature measuring device(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), so as to obtain the electrolyte temperature curve by combining the model estimation with the inter song measurement(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). The patented technology of temperature measurement method and device for high-temperature culture is developed.

Some researchers have conducted research on the material selection and processing of the protective sleeve(garnet blasting media). The disadvantage of interrogative temperature measurement (including dynamic temperature measurement) is that the service life of thermocouple is still limited by the material of protective sleeve(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), so the measurement must be limited to once every few hours to have industrial application value(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit). 

Measurement method of electrolyte temperature and superheat (primary crystal point) based on special thermal power supply probe Gan Yiren et al. Proposed and developed a measurement method of electrolyte temperature and primary product point based on spherical probe(120 grit aluminum oxide). It adopts a thermocouple wire that is afraid of being blunt, and the lower part of the probe is composed of a spherical metal block(brown aluminum oxide 220 grit).

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