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Brown Aluminum Oxide 250 Grit Manufacturers China

Choosing a brown fused alumina factory grinding machine needs to consider many factors such as the material, shape, size and grinding requirements of the workpiece. If you are a purchaser, you can discuss with on-site users or engineering staff, or learn from the synthetic corundum grinding machine manufacturers, they generally provide sample testing services to help you determine the appropriate grinding machine and grinding process.

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Ceramic grinding stone: Ceramic grinding stone has grinding power and is suitable for rough grinding, black corundum medium grinding and fine grinding; porcelain grinding stone has almost no grinding force and is suitable for polishing and mirror surface treatment. Plastic grinding stone: suitable for softer workpieces, such as zinc, aluminum, copper alloy and other workpieces. Metal polishing media: Generally, steel and stainless steel are the main emery abrasive materials, and there is no grinding effect.

(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit manufacturers china)Factors for choosing pink corundum grinding stones: shape: shape of workpiece grooves, corners, holes, holes, etc., to choose the shape and size of the grinding stone, the grinding effect is better, and the grinding stone cannot be caught in the workpiece. Material: The material and hardness of the workpiece determine the grinding stone material. Fineness: the surface roughness of the low density white alumina workpiece before processing and the required surface fineness after processing.

The above three factors determine which kind of brown fused alumina stone and abrasive stone / workpiece ratio to use. In the brown corundum manufacturing process, the bauxite with thermal energy obtained from the bauxite calcination process is directly added to the white aluminum oxide blast media smelting furnace of the bauxite smelting process at a temperature, thereby rationally utilizing the existing bauxite. It should be used for polishing metal workpieces.(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit manufacturers china)

The function of brown aluminum oxide grinding stone: to improve the grinding and polishing effect; to remove grease and clean; to prevent rust and keep light; to lubricate slowly and reduce the loss of grinding stone; to soften the water quality; to soften the surface oxide film. white fused alumina oxide mfg Product Features: Brown corundum abrasive stone is wear-resistant, and is used for rough polishing of various metal parts. The grinding efficiency is the highest.

(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit manufacturers china)The micro-powder that leaves the brown aluminium oxide factory must keep the moisture in the product below 0.5%, so it needs to be dried, and the product agglomerates because of drying, so it needs to be loosened, and then packed and shipped. Sand blasting can make the surface to be cleaned at the same time obtain the required cleanliness and surface roughness, and brown fused alumina 60 grit improve the adhesion of the coating on the basic surface. The need for development.

Thermal energy, saves the energy of reheating bauxite in the white alumina smelting furnace, overcomes the waste of thermal energy in the existing manufacturing process, not only reduces the brown corundum production cycle, reduces the manufacturing cost, but also conforms to the national industrial policy and sustainable. No matter how good the coating is, it can not adhere to the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers surface of the workpiece without surface treatment for a long time.(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit manufacturers china)

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Brown Fused Alumina And White Fused Alumina MOQ: 1 Ton! 19 Years Manufacturing Experience, 35,000m² Workshop Area, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery!

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