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Brown Aluminum Oxide 250 Grit Manufacturers Taiwan

The most harmful component of brown aluminium oxide smelting in anthracite is ash, which is composed of SiO2, AlO, Fe2O3, CaO, Mg and S. Aluminium oxide powder is the main raw material for white smelting corundum, chrome corundum and miscellaneous alumina. It is also the main raw material for electrolytic aluminum. 

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In order to avoid such adverse effects, while taking into account the inconsistency of the alloy composition in the furnace, the white alumina smelting process requires that the concentration of silicon in the iron alloy be controlled below 16%, that is, the ratio of the two components of iron and silicon in the iron alloy is about 5.5. This value is called the iron-silicon ratio when black silicon carbide calculating the iron content.

The aluminum oxide powder is white powder, and the main component is that the brown fused alumina melting point of AlO is above 2000 ° C. The quality requirements of aluminum oxide powder for corundum abrasive production are: Al1O ≥ 98.4%, NaO ≤ 0.6%; white, clean, and free of impurities (especially colored impurities); the aluminum oxide abrasive particle size is as large as possible; the moisture content is small, generally controlled within 0.5% .

The black corundum strict limitation on Na is because NaaO and Al2O3 will form sodium peraluminate (Na · 11A10), also known as βAl2. βAlO has low hardness and brittleness, which seriously affects the quality of corundum. When Na0 is 0.6%, unqualified corundum blocks of 8% to 10% will be produced. When the aluminum oxide grit particle size of the aluminum oxide powder is too small, the flying loss is large, and the labor conditions are poor.

The iron-silicon ratio can be selected in the pink corundum range of 4.5 ~ 6, and it is generally considered that 5.5 is more secure. The conversion temperature is about 450 ° C. The calculation of ingredients for brown corundum abrasive production is just a simple chemical reaction calculation. The synthetic corundum reaction principle on which the ingredients are calculated. S and AlO in pyrite are effective components, and it is not easy to be broken. 

Pyrite has a molecular formula of FeS and is a raw brown aluminum oxide material for refining single crystal corundum. Pyrite is commonly called pyrite. It is grass yellow to golden red, has strong metallic luster, equiaxed crystal system, density 4.95 to 7.17 g / mm ', Mohs hardness 6.0 to 6.5, weak conductivity, often produced in The sulfide deposit, which turns into limonite (FeO · H2O) after weathering, is blue when 46 grit aluminum oxide burned on charcoal, and emits SO2 gas.

Fe can reduce the amount of iron filings, but because it exists as Fe2O3, it increases the silicon carbide abrasive power consumption. SiO2 and Ca are harmful components. SiO2 increases the amount of C and power consumption, and at the same time increases Fe-Si production. CaO easily consumes S: CaO + S → CaS, but CaS + H2O → Ca (OH) 2 + H2S plays a certain role in hydrolysis, so its requirements are not as strict as emery abrasive.

There are two issues to be noticed, the determination of the degree of oxide reduction and the green silicon carbide selection of the iron-silicon ratio. According to statistical methods, the reduction degree of various oxides is 94.8% Fe2O3, 92% SiO2, and 61% TiO2 94% of Fe2O3, 90% of SiO2, 60% of TiO2 can be easily selected in the calculation of the ingredients, or selected according to the specific 1200 grit aluminum oxide process requirements of each plant.

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