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Brown Aluminum Oxide 250 Grit Suppliers Germany

The bulk density commonly used in the production of aluminum oxide abrasive tools is: the mass of the molding material divided by the volume of the abrasive cavity. The molding density is the mass of the wet grinding wheel divided by the volume of the wet grinding wheel blank. The difference between the volume of the wet billet and the volume of the fused aluminium oxide mold cavity is caused by the rebound of the billet.

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The rebound of the loose tissue grinding wheel is very small, but the white alumina high-pressure forming, non-water-soluble binder, the rebound of the green body is quite large, and must be considered. Inorganic molding density. When calculating the unit weight of the grinding wheel, the inorganic molding density only includes the mass of the aluminum oxide grit and the bonding agent, to calculate the actual mass of the grinding wheel.

(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers germany)With this kind of density, temporary binder, any change in water content can be easily calculated, separating the useful part and the unnecessary part of the silicon carbide abrasive hardness in the molding density. The molding pressure is a predetermined value, plus the mass of the temporary binder and pore-forming agent, the synthetic corundum density of the mold cavity, that is, and the molding density is a measured value. 

The difference between the density of the finished brown fused alumina product and the density of the inorganic molding depends on the burning of the binder in the grinding tool, the burning of the abrasive and the volume change of the green body related to the formula. Except for the high hardness and fine-grained pink fused alumina grinding wheels, and the density of the finished product is approximately equal to the density of the inorganic molding.(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers germany)

When the fixed mold forming structure number does not change (or constant pressure forming black corundum pressure does not change), each increase of the combined dosage of 1% to 2% increases the molding density by about 0.02 to 0.04g / cm, the weight loss and weight gain of the two offset each other, and the hardness of the green silicon carbide tool also increases accordingly. However, the two factors are different. Is only applicable to the formula table.

When the amount of binder is increased and the hardness increase is not obvious, the structure number of the brown aluminum oxide tool should be changed to increase the molding density significantly to improve the hardness of the abrasive tool. In constant pressure molding, the emery abrasive molding pressure is high and the extruded body is relatively dense, that is, the molding density is large; otherwise, the molding pressure is low and the molding density is small.

(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers germany)For example, the pink corundum molding pressure is affected by the accuracy of the pressure gauge, the dryness and humidity of the molding material, and the molding density is related to the sensitivity of the scale and mold wear. It is a purely theoretical expression. It removes the flammable temporary binder (such as dextrin), pore-forming agent and water from the weight of the black silicon carbide tool to obtain the density (inorganic matter).

Generally speaking, the molding density and molding pressure are only roughly consistent. When the brown aluminium oxide molding pressure is constant and the amount of binder exceeds 3%, the hardness cannot be improved by a small level. It is necessary to increase the molding pressure, especially for high-hardness abrasive tools. Increasing the chrome corundum molding pressure is more effective than increasing the amount of binder.(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers germany)

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