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Brown Aluminum Oxide 250 Grit Suppliers In China

Since the beginning of this year, the state's efforts to improve environmental protection have continued to increase. The brown fused alumina raw material electrode market has been strongly impacted. The price of electrodes has skyrocketed, and the aluminum oxide abrasive quality has gradually decreased. As a result, the electrode consumes too much heat and has become a major problem for the company.

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Enterprises advocate "energy saving and brown aluminum oxide consumption reduction", the most critical point is to implement the "energy saving and consumption reduction" work. It was decided that: first, the use of increased submerged arc smelting time to reduce the consumption of electrodes due to heat leakage caused by long-term leakage of arc light, which need to be removed from the black silicon carbide connector.(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers in china)

Clean up the adhesive material on the electrode in time to avoid the electrode from oxidizing and thinning from the brown aluminium oxide upper part of the adhesive material to cause a U-turn phenomenon; the third is to change the previous method due to the excessive thermal loss of the electrode and the excessively thin electrode. The aluminum oxide grit shelling furnace of a branch plant only focused on this subject to carry out technical innovation and technological creation in the production process. 

(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers in china)Instead, the technicians used a homemade tool to manually remove the white alumina partially removed method, thereby reducing unnecessary electrode consumption, and saving one electrode joint of 50Kg to smelt three furnace brown corundum. The cutting edge, or new sharp abrasive particles are constantly exposed, when the abrasive particles are dulled, so that the synthetic corundum grinding tool can maintain the grinding performance for a certain period of time. 

Through the implementation of the above three measures, the electrode consumption of the black corundum branch plant is generally below 10Kg throughout the year, and the best time of the year is 7Kg per ton of corundum. After testing, it finally achieved the expected results and achieved obvious results. In actual emery abrasive smelting This reduces the number of times the person needs to replace the electrode and reduces the electrode consumption.

(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers in china)The success of this test indicates that the pink corundum smelting has realized the diversification of raw material use methods, thereby reducing production costs and further building a low-consumption energy-saving smelting model. All data parameters were recorded in detail during the period to form a set of operable operating procedures, aluminium oxide 36 grit providing a reliable basis for future smelting production.

Abrasive discs are often used in the overall stone grinding and renovation business. Today I will talk about the application of silicon carbide abrasive in the stone care industry. Abrasive tools are tools for grinding, grinding and polishing. Apart from being widely used in the processing of non-metal materials such as stone, ceramics and glass, corundum sand abrasive tools are also used in machinery manufacturing and other metal processing industries.(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit suppliers in china)

During the use of the green silicon carbide tool, the abrasive particles are partially or completely detached from the abrasive tool due to the partial fragmentation of the abrasive particle or the binding agent breaks, and the abrasive on the working surface of the abrasive tool constantly appears new cutting. This self-sharpening characteristic of the aluminum oxide sandblasting media abrasive tool is a prominent feature of the abrasive tool compared with ordinary tools.

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