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Brown Aluminum Oxide 4 Grit Wholesale Suppliers UAE

In 2000, Debye Aluminum Company of the United Arab heads of the United Nations built a series of 6 electrolytic cells in its Jebel Ali(brown aluminum oxide), increasing the company's production capacity to 520000 tons, becoming the sixth aluminum smelter with the largest original aluminum production capacity in the world(synthetic corundum). From 1998 to 2002, the world's electrolytic aluminum production increased at an average annual rate of 3.5%.

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Electrolytic aluminum production enterprises are high energy consuming enterprises, which need stable and cheap power supply as a guarantee(pink corundum). For example, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon and other countries mainly produce electrolytic aluminum. By the end of 2003, Bahrain aluminum plant(emery abrasive), the global production capacity of electrolytic aluminum reached 33.655 million tons, and the output reached 27.99 million tons.(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit wholesale suppliers uae)

Cd-200 type 200kA aluminum reduction cell is one of the pre culture cell technologies developed by Australian aluminum industry in 2002(brown fused alumina), which is a side column bus bar and point blanking pre culture cell (with 20 anodes). In the name composition of the electrolytic cell, AP stands for bishner aluminum(aluminum oxide grit), and the number represents the current of the production line divided by 10 (for example, ap-18, stands for 180kA).

(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit wholesale suppliers uae)According to statistics, the total output of raw aluminum was about 1 million tons in 1997(black corundum), and the annual output of alumina in Jamaica was as high as 3 million tons. Due to the advantages of high strength, light weight, good conductivity, corrosion resistance, long service life and recyclability, and its good alloy ability(black silicon carbide). The consumption is also increasing year by year, and the prospect of aluminum market is very good.

According to statistics(brown aluminium oxide), China's primary aluminum consumption was 3.63 million tons in 2001, 7.1 million tons in 2005, increased to 12.7 million tons in 2008, and reached 14.63 million tons in 2010, accounting for 37.1% of the total global aluminum consumption. Africa has very good and abundant aluminum ore(garnet abrasive), so it is an important primary aluminum and alumina production area, aluminum is almost used in all fields of economy.(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit wholesale suppliers uae)

Five large-scale electrolytic aluminum plants are: komakobor Island aluminum plant in Australia(white alumina), alusaf aluminum plant in South Africa, Bratsk aluminum plant and Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant in Russia. Dubai aluminum now calls them CD-20 (20 anodes) because they operate at a current of more than 200 kA(green silicon carbide). The original aluminum production capacity of these six large-scale electrolytic aluminum plants exceeded 500000 tons.

(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit wholesale suppliers uae)Bishner Aluminum Co., Ltd. has developed 8 kinds of pre culture cell technology, from 70kA to 300kA. Up to now, ap-ln and ap-cm are still used in aluminum plant(aluminum oxide abrasive); edge power supply, end column bus pre baked anode electrolyzers ap-7, ap-9, ap-13 and ap-14, and side column bus prebaked anode electrolyzers ap-18 and ap-30 are still used in aluminum plants(silicon carbide abrasive). There are 270 electrolytic lead enterprises in the world, 147 in China.

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