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Brown Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Manufacturers China

The color of brown fused alumina after forging is a reproducible quality mark for both consumers and producers of corundum. When the brown corundum is calcined in an oxidizing atmosphere, the brown particles of the brown corundum become blue, which is caused by the solid solution of Ti2O3. Ti2O3 is the only oxide that titanium can dissolve in α - alumina grains. At the same time, TiO2 is the most stable oxide in thermal power.

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Above 1000 ℃, oxygen can diffuse into brown aluminum oxide grains and oxidize Ti2O3 to more stable TiO2. Then it is wrapped in α - alumina grains. The nuclei of TiO2 continue to coalesce and grow at a temperature dependent rate. Once the TiO2 grains reach 0.01 to 0.1 μ, they begin to scatter light similar to the 150 grit aluminum oxide colloidal suspension. This selective scattering with a shorter wavelength of blue light makes the α - alumina grains blue.(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)

This selective scattering of light from small particles is known as the "Tyndall effect.". If the brown aluminium oxide core of TiO2 is allowed to grow up to about 0.1 μ m, they will not only scatter blue light, but will scatter all wavelengths of light. After heat treatment, the brown corundum will become light gray. Only 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media containing solid solution titanium oxide (Ti2O3) will appear calcined blue. Brown corundum with low content of Ti2O3 will not turn blue.

(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)It is mainly used for ceramic abrasives, high-grade abrasives, organic abrasives, white alumina abrasive belts, coated abrasives, etc.Like many properties of granular materials, the average color of all particles in the sample is the blue after calcination. In a kind of brown corundum sample after calcination, the proportion of blue particles is in the high to medium range of 2.4% - 3.0% of the typical technical conditions of titanium dioxide (TiO2), while the 220 grit aluminum oxide proportion of non blue particles is lower than the lower limit of the technical conditions. 

There may be some black corundum whose chemical composition is within the range of typical technical conditions, but it will not get blue after calcination, because it is mostly a mixture of low titanium dioxide particles, doped with some high titanium dioxide particles. Brown corundum has bauxite in its material, which brings another function to brown corundum, that is, it can be used as aggregate, which is the fifth function of 80 grit aluminum oxide.(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)

The electric fused brown corundum grain size sand is made of manually selected pink corundum blocks and processed by roller, ball mill, bamak and other equipment. The grain size is f8-f325. It is mainly used for polishing, grinding, industrial grinding, etc. it can also be processed by water washing, acid pickling and other methods according to the fine grit aluminum oxide requirements of customers, which can meet the different needs of customers.(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit manufacturers china)

Low carbon 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media is reprocessed in front of furnace and special process to reduce the content of residual carbon in brown corundum, so that the products will not be powdered, burst and tough in use, which is the preferred raw material for abrasives and refractories industries. according to the residual carbon content, it can be divided into: Calcined brown corundum C ≤ 0.05%, low carbon brown corundum C ≤ 0.10%, ordinary 180 grit aluminum oxide C ≤ 0.15%.

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