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Brown Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Suppliers Korea

Although the solid phase reaction of brown aluminium oxide and carbon SiO2 + 3C = SiC + 2C0, a small amount of silicon carbide is also generated, but a large amount of silicon carbide is formed due to the presence of gaseous SiO intermediates in the furnace: SiO2 + C = SiO + CO , Si0 + C = Si + CO, Si + C = SiC; or SiO + 2C = SiC + CO. When the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media charge is heated above 1500 ° C, silica evaporates from the surface of the quartz particles and adsorbs on the surface of the carbon particles.

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Carbon reacts to form pink corundum, and the reaction formula is SiO2 + 3C = SiC + 2CO. This reaction was not intense until 1800 ° C and the vapor pressure of silica reached 1333.22 Pa (10 mmHg column). Because the generated silicon carbide hinders the contact of silicon dioxide with internal carbon, the solid phase reaction is quickly stopped. The heat in the resistance furnace is mainly based on the heating of the 100 grit aluminum oxide media furnace core and the heating of the crystal current.(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers korea)

Therefore, the temperature of the brown aluminum oxide furnace core is the highest, and gradually decreases outward. At high temperatures above 2600 ° C, silicon carbide will decompose and evaporate. Therefore, the SiC produced by the solid phase reaction is decomposed and evaporated at any time. The 1200 grit aluminum oxide particles do not form a coating layer, and the silicon dioxide vapor can continuously eat people into the carbon particles and react with the carbon until the carbon particles are consumed.

(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers korea)Gaseous silicon and solid graphite are produced by the decomposition of black corundum. Gaseous silicon escapes with the silicon carbide vapor, so a graphite band is left around the furnace core. Outside the graphite strip is a silicon carbide generation region. The temperature in this region is lower than 2600 ° C. In addition to the solid-phase reaction, other aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit reactions can occur: SiO2 + C = SiO + CO, SiO + C = Si + CO, Si + C = SiC or SiO + 2C = SiC + CO .

The gas phase brown fused alumina escaping from the graphite belt also undergoes secondary reactions with silicon dioxide and silicon monoxide in this region: SiC + 2SiO = 3Si0 + CO; SiC + SiO = 2Si + CO. The generated gaseous silicon diffuses to the lower temperature region together with the gaseous silicon exuded from the graphite band, and the 46 grit aluminum oxide following reactions occur: 2Si + CO = SiC + SiO. Natural silicon carbide on the earth is extremely scarce.(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit suppliers korea)

Industrially used silicon carbide is artificial silicon carbide. The aforementioned chemical vapor phase migration promotes the development of white alumina crystals. Therefore, silicon monoxide plays a decisive role in the formation of silicon carbide. Since silicon carbide can be well wetted by the silica melt, which can reach 2700 ~ 2800 ℃ near the core, it can ensure that the contact reaction SiC + 2SiO2 = 3SiO + CO and the brown fused alumina manufacturer generation reaction: SiO + C = SiC + CO runs smoothly.

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