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Under different conditions, the pink corundum equilibrium solid phase of na2o-al2o3-h2o system changes correspondingly, the supersaturated solution will not be formed; which shows that the na2o-al2o3-h2o system is above 100 ℃, and the gibbsite is dissolved in the solution with the same original concentration of odd base. The aluminum oxide abrasive temperature change curve of na2o-al2o3-h2o system is shown in the figure. 

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The curve is discontinuous from 100 ℃ to 150 ℃, brown fused alumina and the gibbsite is no longer a stable phase, which is due to the transformation of Al (OH) 3 to AlOOH. If one of the two solid phases is unstable in the temperature concentration range studied, it will be consumed by dissolution (transformed into a stable phase), and the stable aluminum oxide grit compounds will grow relatively until the dissolution equilibrium is established.

In the past, it was considered that the gibbsite in na2o-al2o3-h2o system was transformed into diaspore at about 130 ℃, but brown aluminum oxide according to the recent study on the state diagram of al2o3-h2o system, diaspore was in a metastable state in the lower temperature range, and its stable phase was diaspore. Only because of the dynamics, the transition rate of diaspore to diaspore was extremely fast Slow, so it can still exist in the green silicon carbide solid phase.

When there are a large number of stable phases in the mixture as brown aluminium oxide crystal seeds, in order to determine the boundary of the stable zone between gibbsite and diaspore in na2o-a12o3-h2o system, K. wefers has used the mixture of gibbsite and diaspore as solid materials for dissolution test. If the position of synthetic corundum zero variable point is extrapolated to naz00%, the transition temperature of diaspore corundum is 360 ℃.

Sodium carbonate can increase the solubility of white alumina Al2O3, and organic matter can not only increase the viscosity of the solution, but also be easily absorbed by the crystal nucleus, which makes the crystal nucleus lose its function. Therefore, the existence of these impurities can increase the stability of sodium aluminate solution. At the zero point of silicon carbide abrasive constant temperature, the two solid phases have the same effect. 

The stable zone boundary and solubility temperature change line of black corundum gibbsite diaspore in na2o-al2o3-h2o system are shown in the figure. When the stable boundary is extended to the concentration of Na2O is zero, it can be seen that the transition temperature is quite consistent with that of al2o3-h2o system. With the increase of alkali concentration, the black silicon carbide boundary moved to low temperature, that is, the transition temperature decreased.

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