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Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Manufacturers Germany

With the development trend of high-pressure operation and large-scale blast furnace(buy brown fused alumina), the charging equipment on the top of the furnace is becoming more and more complex, with a large amount of maintenance, but its service life is shortened inversely with the increase of the top pressure(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The charge from the left (or right) charging car is poured into the left (or right) storage hopper (also known as the receiving hopper).

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At present, the high-pressure operation of the newly built large-scale blast furnace of 4000-5000m level has reached the double bell sealed valve top of 0.2-0.25mpa from the top pressure of 0.1-0.15mpa(brown fused alumina). Material bell top (swing rotary distribution chute type top). The cone-shaped bell is used to meet the demand of bimodal cloth, which falls into the upper equalizing chamber through the disc sealing valve and rotating hopper at the lower port(green silicon carbide).

It was first invented by Ishikawa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in 1965(pink corundum). It is composed of two receiving funnels (corresponding to the left and right hopper cars), two disc sealing valves, double groove fixed-point idling or single slope mouth rotating funnels, small bell and big bell(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Between the big and small bell and between the small bell and the sealing valve, two pressure equalizing chambers are formed. 

But bell less top has been widely used in the world(brown aluminum oxide). It was named after the company in 1969, so it is called "IHI" furnace top. In the upper equalizing chamber, semi clean gas or nitrogen or semi clean gas is used as the primary pressure, and nitrogen is used as the secondary pressure to obtain the pressure not lower than that in the furnace(black silicon carbide). The new No. 3 blast furnace of WISCO uses the bell less top with parallel tanks, as shown in the figure.

In recent years, a single chamber pressure equalizing method with only a small bell chamber has been developed on the top of hi furnace(silicon carbide abrasive). The lower pressure equalizing chamber is connected with the furnace and is in a high-pressure state. If the belt is used for feeding, the material is automatically divided into two hoppers through a bifurcated flow trough(emery abrasive). At present, most of them are Mackey top, that is, double bell with small hopper rotary distributor.

In China, the double bell and double valve top has been used in the design of new 1200m blast furnace and 1735m blast furnace(brown aluminium oxide), and the double bell and four valve top has been used in the design of new 4063m blast furnace and 2580m blast furnace, which are various in specific components(aluminum oxide grit). There are fixed receiving funnels with turning plates, and also receiving funnels that can move along the slide rails.

The utility model has the advantages that the cloth distribution is ideal and flexible(white alumina), and a rotary chute and two sealed hoppers are used instead of a complete set of devices such as the original big and small bell buckets, so the equipment and structure are greatly simplified, and the height of the furnace top is reduced(synthetic corundum). The utility model is composed of a receiving funnel, a bin, a central throat, an air tight box, a rotary chute, etc.

The control system of the furnace top is complex, which requires a reliable monitoring system to prevent blocking and blocking(black corundum); the temperature of the furnace top should not be too high, and there should be high-quality materials. The original dual bell furnace material has a low furnace material description force, generally 0.13 ~ 0.14MPa(aluminum oxide abrasive). In order to make up for the poor permeability of the charge, it is necessary to increase the top pressure.

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