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Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Manufacturers USA

The performance of refractories refers to the performance of refractories when they are used at high temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive). It includes fire resistance, load softening temperature, change rate of reheating line, thermal shock resistance, slag resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, hydration resistance and co corrosion resistance(wholesale brown fused alumina). 

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The main point is to make the tested material into a truncated triangular cone with the same shape and size as the standard temperature cone(white fused alumina). Refractoriness refers to the resistance of refractories to high temperature without load without melting. All kinds of impurity components, especially those with strong flux effect(green silicon carbide), will seriously reduce the fire resistance of products (converter, open hearth or electric furnace, etc.).

According to the international organization for standardization, inorganic non-metallic materials with a fire resistance of more than 1500 ℃ are defined as refractories(white aluminum oxide). The meaning of refractoriness is different from melting point. The refractoriness cannot be used as the service temperature of refractories(aluminum oxide grit). The basic factor determining the refractoriness is the chemical mineral composition and distribution of the material.

Under the specified heating conditions, the refractories bent with the standard temperature cone are often affected by the sharp change of the environment temperature during the use process(white corundum). For example, during the pouring process of the steel bucket lining brick for cast steel, the charging, tapping or operation of the metallurgical furnace(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). The refractoriness is the basis of judging whether the material can be used as refractories.

The change of furnace temperature in the process of production leads to the crack, peeling and even collapse of products(white alumina). Thermal shock resistance refers to the resistance of refractory products to damage caused by rapid temperature change. In addition, the microstructure, particle composition and product shape of refractories are all affected by thermal shock resistance(black silicon carbide). in contact with refractories at high temperature.

This kind of damage not only limits the heating and cooling speed of products and kilns, but also limits the strengthening of furnace operation(black corundum), and is one of the main reasons for the rapid damage of products and kilns. This property is also known as temperature shock resistance(synthetic corundum). The detection method is to record the times of no damage by alternating the hot and cold environment of the products.

In practice, about 50% of the products are damaged due to slag erosion(pink corundum). The main reason that affects the thermal shock resistance of the products is the physical properties of the products, such as thermal expansion and thermal conductivity(emery abrasive). Generally speaking, the greater the thermal expansion rate of the products, the worse the thermal shock resistance: the higher the thermal conductivity of the products, the better the thermal shock stability.

Slag resistance refers to the ability of refractories to resist the erosion and erosion of slag at high temperature(silicon carbide abrasive). In a broad sense, the concept of slag here refers to metallurgical slag, fuel ash, flying dust, various materials (including solid and liquid materials, such as sintered cement block, calcined lime, iron filings, molten metal, glass liquid, etc.) and gaseous materials (gas, carbon monoxide, fluorine, sulfur, zinc, alkali vapor), etc(brown fused alumina oxide).

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