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In the bauxite of beiwuyier, the former Soviet Union, the dissolution temperature is 235 ℃(aluminum oxide abrasive), the concentration of Naz is 232g / L, the dissolution solution is mr1.62, the CaO content is 5% ~ 8% of the ore quality, and the decomposition rate of SiO2 is 25% ~ 50%(brown fused alumina factory). The chemical activity of quartz is small, and the reaction of well crystallized quartz with sodium aluminate solution is very slow even at 260 ℃.

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When bauxite trihydrate is dissolved under normal pressure, when the ore size is about 250um, quartz has no harm to the production process of alumina(brown fused alumina). The dissolution performance of quartz in alkaline solution is affected not only by reaction temperature and crystallinity, but also by particle size(silicon carbide abrasive). Until the content of SiO2 gradually reaches the maximum value, which is equivalent to the metastable solubility of SiO2 under this condition.

It is generally believed that the reaction of quartz of about 100 mesh is not strong when the temperature is lower than 125 ℃ and the concentration of Na2 is about 12%(white alumina); when it is reacted with concentrated sodium aluminate solution at 180 ℃, silicon oxide is mainly composed of bat chlorite, there is no obvious reaction at + 60(green silicon carbide), the dissolution time is 90 min, and all reactions at - 270, kaolinite does not participate in the reaction.

In the red mud dissolved at 260 ℃, there are even undissolved quartz(brown aluminum oxide). The results of the dissolution of kaolinite by h.t.touhuh et al. Of the former Soviet Union in the solution of sodium aluminate at 105 ℃ with a molecular ratio of 1.6. It can be seen from the figure that at the initial stage of the reaction(aluminum oxide grit), the dissolution rate of silica exceeds the formation rate of sodium aluminosilicate, so the content of SiO2 in the solution increases.

At this point, the dissolution rate of silica is equal to that of sodium aluminosilicate(black corundum). With the increase of reaction time, the formation rate of sodium aluminosilicate is faster than its dissolution rate, and the content of silica in the solution decreases gradually. Some literatures have pointed out that when the molecular ratio of solution is below 2.0 ~ 2.2(black silicon carbide). Using this property, it is possible to inhibit the harmful effect of kaolinite.

From the above test data, this possibility does not exist(brown aluminium oxide). The dissolution of kaolinite belongs to the first order reaction, which can be seen from the linear relationship between LG (A-X) and time R. G. 1. Roach et al. Pointed out that the dissolution rate of kaolinite is affected by its crystal form and surface area(synthetic corundum). The solubility curves of kaolinite, pure kaolinite and dense kaolinite in bauxite are shown in Figure 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

It can be clearly seen from the figure that when the dissolution rate is 20%, the reaction speed of three kinds of kaolinite is very different(pink corundum). In bauxite, the reaction speed of kaolinite is 2 times faster than that of pure kaolinite, and the reaction speed of pure kaolinite is 1.4 times faster than that of dense kaolinite(emery abrasive). The specific surface area of pure kaolinite is 16 m2 / g, while that of dense kaolinite is 8 m2 / g, as shown in the figure.

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