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Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers Malaysia

Furnace mouth: due to the drastic change of furnace mouth temperature, the erosion of slag and high-temperature waste gas is more severe(aluminum oxide abrasive). Since the advent of oxygen converter, the furnace lining material has experienced three stages of evolution: Tar dolomite brick - one fired basic oil immersed brick - magnesia carbon brick(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Since the 1980s, the converter and its lining refractories have made great progress, the refractory materials built are also different.

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As far as the converter is concerned, it has completed the process of large-scale and automatic development(brown fused alumina). In this situation, it is urgent to develop more advanced new lining materials. For this reason, we have successfully used two-step calcination method to produce high-purity dolomite and synthetic magnesia dolomite in our country(silicon carbide abrasive), and also used electric melting method to trial produce high-purity dolomite and synthetic magnesia dolomite clinker.

In this case, magnesia carbon brick should be transported and produced(brown aluminum oxide). The following describes the application of magnesia carbon brick in converter village, tap hole, gas supply nozzle and refining furnace. In the smelting process, and the charging side is also directly impacted and eroded by the scrap and molten iron, the use conditions and damage conditions of each part of converter are different(green silicon carbide). For each part of converter with different use conditions.

Both sides of the trunnion: except for the damage caused by blowing, the surface of both sides of the trunnion is not covered by a protective layer, which is not easy to repair(brown aluminium oxide). When the scrap is removed and the charge is added, the furnace is impacted, so the refractory used in the furnace mouth must have high thermal shock resistance and slag resistance(black silicon carbide), and be resistant to the erosion of slag and high temperature waste gas, and not easy to hang steel and easy to clean. 

Charging side: the splashing effect of slag and molten steel is easy to cause chemical erosion, wear and erosion on the charging side during blowing, which brings serious mechanical damage(white alumina). Therefore, it is required that the magnesia carbon brick not only has high slag resistance and high temperature strength, but also has good thermal shock resistance, which is usually adopted High strength magnesia carbon brick with antioxidant(aluminum oxide grit).

Slag line position: slag line is the position where slag corrosion is serious due to long-term contact between furnace lining and slag(black corundum). On the tapping side, the position of furnace flooding changes with tapping time, which is not obvious. In the slag discharging side, due to the strong slag corrosion and other effects on the furnace abdomen during the blowing process(synthetic corundum), the damage is serious, so it is necessary to build magnesia brick with excellent slag resistance.

Therefore, the carbon in the lining material is easy to oxidize, so the damage is serious(pink corundum). High grade magnesia carbon bricks with good slag resistance and strong oxidation resistance should be built. Hearth and furnace bottom: these parts are severely scoured by molten steel during blowing, but compared with other parts, the damage is more serious(emery abrasive). It is light and can choose magnesia carbon brick with low carbon content or tar dolomite brick.

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