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Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers UK

For fluoride, brown aluminium oxide can be destroyed at 1090 ℃ with LIF, 1100 ℃ with KF, 1210 ℃ with NaF and 1580 ℃ with CaF2. Corundum can react with slag, glass, binder, refractory and other industrial products to produce many kinds of compounds. The binary compounds formed by the interaction of arc fused alumina with some major oxides contain not less than 55% or even more than 90% Al2O3, and the melting point is relatively high.

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The content of alcg was the same as that of ALOC. In the ternary system containing Al2O3, white alumina mostly coexists with mullite and related aluminates, or rarely with free oxides (ZrO2, Cr2O3). In the ca-al2o3-sio2 system, corundum also coexists with the ternary compound feldspar (wall ~ 1553 ℃) and the binary compound Cao · 6al2o3. In the non siliceous ternary system, silicon carbide companies coexists with alumina compounds and rarely with monooxides (ZrO2, Cr2O3).

But in zro2-a1203-cr2o3 system, black corundum coexists with ZrO2 and Cr2O3, that is to say, there is only one monomer triangle in this system, which coincides with the concentration triangle (the eutectic of Al2O3 and ZrO2) with the lowest melting point of 1910 ℃. In the most important system studied, there are two monomeric triangles containing fused alumina in the quaternary system containing only Cao and FeO. In the monomer triangle with SiO2 system, mullite is located on one corner.

The first kind of product is brown fused alumina spinel. In the monomer triangle with Cao system, the aluminate Cao · 6a1203 is located on one corner. In the monomer triangle of MgO system, mga1203 is located at an angle. In the monomer triangle with FeO system, the iron spinel is located at an angle. In the monomer triangle containing Fe2O3 system, the aluminate fea1203 is located at one angle. Alumina can interact with carbon, green carborundum and Al2O3 is not considered in the dispersive mixture.

The spinel type compound was synthesized by mixing ral2o3 with petroleum coke and pink corundum calcining at 1750 ℃ in the ratio of 3:1. According to the ratio of 2:3, 4a1203 · alg was formed. The reaction formula was 2a1203c = ALOC + 2C0. According to the ratio of 1:3, A2 · alco2 is produced, and the reaction formula is Al2O3 + 3C = Al2O3 + 2CO. When a large amount of carbon (114.5) is added to the black oxide aluminum mixture, aluminum carbide is synthesized: 2al2o3 + 9C = alcg + 6co.

When the brown aluminum oxide temperature was kept at 2000 ℃ for 56 min, all of them were alcg. A-Al2O3, a.cg, Al2O3 and a1o. C thin films appear when cooling, allcg appears when the temperature is above 1700 ℃, silicon carbide price and aluminum oxycarbide (4a1203 · alc3) thin films appear when the temperature is below 1700 ℃. What kind of compound is formed in the reaction between Al2O3 and C? It is not only related to temperature, but also to the activity and quantity of reagents.

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