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Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Wholesale Price Taiwan

The way to increase the water resistance is to add a proper amount of flash aldehyde resin, melamine formaldehyde resin and artificial latex when beating(pink corundum). dry the impregnated paper to constant weight, weigh the single weight, and compare with the single weight of the base paper to get the resin content(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, the viscosity and thickness of the impregnating material should be strictly controlled. Generally speaking, it is not possible.

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Substrate treatment is the first step in the manufacture of coated abrasives(brown fused alumina). It should have a certain degree of heat resistance, a small loss of strength after heat treatment, and a certain degree of smoothness to make the coated sand uniform. The base paper fiber should be wood fiber with high strength and toughness, and the fiber ratio should be 100% unbleached kraft wood pulp(synthetic corundum). With good quality matrix material, can we directly apply glue and sand?

If the substrate treatment is not good, the coated abrasives with good quality cannot be manufactured(brown aluminum oxide). If it is to make waterproof coated abrasives, the base paper must have a certain water resistance (better water resistance). Before the application of glue and sand planting, the substrate must be treated as necessary(black silicon carbide). A kind of water-resistant base paper was used to make a180 water-resistant sandpaper by back impregnation and double-sided impregnation.

The purpose of matrix treatment is to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the matrix, so as to better apply glue and sand and meet the requirements of grinding(brown aluminium oxide). Base paper treatment can be divided into two kinds: non water resistant treatment and water resistant treatment. The former is suitable for making non water resistant coated abrasives, and the latter is suitable for making water resistant coated abrasives(emery abrasive). This is even more important when making water-resistant sandpaper.

If it meets the requirements, the following inspection can be carried out(brown fused alumina price). However, in the production of sandpaper with low quality requirements, such as dry sandpaper with animal glue, the base paper can also not be treated; in the production of water-resistant sandpaper with high quality water-resistant paper, the water-resistant treatment can also not be carried out(green silicon carbide), because the base paper has been treated with water-resistant treatment in the paper mill. 

How to check the impregnated base paper? The following is an example of water-resistant treatment of base paper to illustrate its role(white alumina). There are two main functions of base paper treatment: one is "hole plugging", to avoid a large amount of glue liquid infiltrating into the paper during the gelatinization, resulting in unstable sand sticking and affecting the grinding performance(aluminum oxide abrasive). Second, improve the waterproof and moisture-proof ability to meet the use requirements of coated abrasives.

Resin content determination(black corundum): The test method is to measure the absorption weight of the base paper, that is, the paper sample is placed in a certain temperature of water, soaked for a certain time, weighed and calculated the water absorption of the paper sample(silicon carbide abrasive). The method of base paper treatment is mainly impregnation, which can be divided into single-sided impregnation (on the glue surface or back impregnation) and double-sided impregnation. 

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