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Brown Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Wholesale Price Switzerland

Only such a different alumina transportation process has different equipment and performance, and different types of electrolytic tanks(brown fused alumina). Through the performance analysis of the conveying equipment, around the principles of low energy consumption, and easy operation, select the appropriate alumina conveying technology(garnet supply). The equipment shared by the equipment is a double-pipe dense phase conveying pipe.

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Alumina conveying equipment mainly includes dense phase conveying equipment(green silicon carbide), super dense phase conveying equipment, dilute phase conveying equipment, and air chute conveying equipment according to the different conveying principles. Dense phase conveying mainly has two kinds of bagging and bulk conveying,and ordinary carbon steel pipes can be used; energy consumption is large(aluminum oxide sandblasting), and the lifting efficiency is low.

(brown aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale price switzerland)The difference is that the bagged material is conveyed through a dedicated material sending tank (dense phase conveying pump), and the bulk material is sent through a bulk material conveying vehicle(brown aluminum oxide). Chute conveying technology. The air chute conveying technology uses the chute with a certain slope (6%~10%) and the positive and negative pressure in the chute to stabilize the material and push the material forward(white aluminium oxide grit).

The air chute conveying equipment is composed of several electrolytic tanks made of thin steel(brown aluminum oxide grit). And the postponed conveying direction is arranged at a certain slope, and a gas-permeable layer is sandwiched between the upper and lower shells of the electrolytic cell(brown aluminum oxide 20 grit). The dense phase conveying pipe is generally composed of an inner pipe and an outer pipe, and a special inner pipe is welded to the upper wall of the outer pipe.(brown aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale price switzerland)

The use of reducing technology in the pipeline layout of these two types of alumina is very important for the speed of material transportation and extending the service life of the pipeline(brown aluminium oxide). The air source used for conveying materials is compressed air (0.3~0.6MPa); it can realize the reasonable adjustment of system parameters according to the actual operating conditions(black silicon carbide), continuous delivery of materials(garnet suppliers); and a centrifugal fan (3-10kPa).

(brown aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale price switzerland)The law of reducing the diameter of the pipeline reducing technology is: for horizontal pipes and rising pipes(white alumina), gradually Expand the diameter of the pipe; for the descending pipe diameter, adopt a tapered pipe diameter along the pipeline; for a variable-diameter elbow, adopt a gradual expansion and tapering diameter, the air supply equipment is noisy(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), and the installation arrangement of the pipeline must be installed in the correct direction.

It can be laid close to the silo according to local conditions(black corundum); and the material delivery tank is used as a material delivery device for bagged materials, which has the following properties: simple and convenient operation and maintenance; manual and automatic control can be implemented for accurate detection To the operating status of the equipment(garnet abrasive), high efficiency, it is convenient to judge and deal with abnormal conditions.(brown aluminum oxide abrasive wholesale price switzerland)

The conveying pipe material is simple, the ultra-dense phase conveying equipment mainly consists of two parts(pink corundum): one part is the chute for conveying materials, and the porous air layer will convey the trough It is divided into upper and lower parts, and the upper part of the chute is also equipped with a return air box for balancing air pressure and dust collection; the other part is a pipe for air supply(white aluminium oxide blasting media), a pressure regulating valve.

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