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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Netherlands

In 1954, Nowotny et al. Published a phase diagram of the synthetic corundum system in a research paper on the MoSi-C system. The dotted line in the phase diagram represents the hypothetical composition. The figure confirms the existence range of silicon-based solid solution and melt, and points out that the decomposition temperature of brown fused alumina oxide is 2760 ° C.

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Because the vapor pressure of the silicon-carbon system is high, and the black corundum generated in the system is decomposed before it reaches the melting temperature, there are major experimental difficulties in studying the phase diagram of the system, such as in When the gas medium is under high pressure, the sample is prepared by hot pressing, sintering, and it is made into an individual phase or multiphase system under the conditions of emery abrasive near equilibrium.(brown aluminum oxide blast media netherlands)

It can also be seen from the brown aluminum oxide phase diagram that carbon or silicon forms a homogeneous region, and a three-phase equilibrium of liquid phase + carbon solid solution + SiC occurs at 1410 ° C; melting or vapor deposition, in the SC system The only solid phase binary compound is SiC. This results in a melt zone where the two components are completely miscible in the liquid state. The Si-C-O system can contain the following aluminum oxide grit simple and binary compounds: CSi, SiO, Si2, SiC.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media netherlands)Ultra-high pressure may inhibit the decomposition and evaporation of silicon carbide and green silicon carbide melt. According to the precise measurement of the lattice constant and the measurement of the concentration of the free charge carrier, a three-phase equilibrium of gas phase SiC + C appears at 2760 ° C; no solid solution in aluminum oxide abrasive of carbon or silicon was found. Since silicon and silicon carbide, especially silicon, and pressure is used as a parameter.

It can be seen that the three-phase equilibrium and sublimation curve at high pressure move toward high temperature and form. brown fused alumina has no homogeneous melting point, that is, the existence of the gas phase must be considered when studying the Si-C system, the black silicon carbide chemical composition of the solid and liquid phases is different before and after melting. Scace and Slack researched and made 100 phase diagrams of the Si-C system at atmospheric pressure.(brown aluminum oxide blast media netherlands)

Two-phase regions are also determined: white alumina gas phase + C, gas phase + SiC, liquid phase + gas phase, and liquid phase + carbon solid solution. The significance of studying the Si-C binary system under ultra-high pressure is to find the theoretical basis for directly producing silicon carbide abrasive from carbide melt. At high pressure, and special methods must be used, it decomposes into graphite and silicon-rich melt, and decomposes into graphite and gas phase under normal pressure.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media netherlands)Mass spectrometry (mass spectrometry) analysis showed that the gas phase contained Si, SiC2, and SiC molecules. Although the brown aluminium oxide temperature and thermodynamic constants of the focused states of carbon, silicon, and silicon carbide have been accurately determined, the concentration regions and two-phase regions where liquid melts and solid melts are present are hypothetical. In short, pink corundum have higher vapor pressures, the research on the Si-C binary system is not enough.

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