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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Poland

The preparation and processing of various types of brown fused alumina materials are introduced as follows: As we all know, the corundum crystal form is a-Al2O3. In order to make industrial alumina and high alumina bauxite as corundum materials, all crystalline forms such as y-Al2O3 in industrial aluminum oxide abrasive and alumina must be converted into a-Al2O3 through electric melting or high temperature calcination.

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After high temperature treatment, some impurities in industrial alumina and alumina can be removed, and the fire resistance of brown aluminum oxide materials can be improved. Fused alumina is the product of alumina cooled and solidified after melting in an electric furnace. In recent years, an fused aluminum oxide grit factory has also been established for refractory materials. When the silicon oxide is melted, the structure is loosened, the viscosity is obviously increased.(brown aluminum oxide blast media poland)

There are many types of fused brown aluminium oxide materials. In the past, fused corundum materials for refractory materials mainly came from the abrasive industry, such as purchased from several domestic wheel factories. Using different raw materials, different electrofusion methods or different calcination temperatures, different types of green silicon carbide materials can be produced to meet the needs of various corundum refractory materials, and the conductivity is reduced.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media poland)In addition to the increased demand for black corundum bricks in the petrochemical and chemical fertilizer industries, long nozzles, tundish plugs and immersion type for continuous casting in the steel industry Shuikou also turned to the use of Al2O3-C quality refractory materials. Most of the alumina materials used fused synthetic corundum, and high-grade amorphous refractories also used a large amount of fused corundum as aggregates and powders.

In addition to producing brown and white alumina, it also produces dense corundum for refractory materials. There have also been major advances in electric fusion production technology. For example, on the basis of smelting brown corundum, a reduction method was used to smelt sub-white corundum with an Al2O3 content of 98.5%, and it has replaced black silicon carbide and dense corundum in the production of refractory materials. Significant effect and reduced costs.(brown aluminum oxide blast media poland)

The production of silicon carbide abrasive has nearly doubled in the past ten years. Studies show that in the molten state, there are only 4 adjacent O atoms around each Al atom, and there are only 3 adjacent Al atoms around each O atom, which is completely different from crystalline Al2O3. In addition, when Al2O3 is melted, the true density decreases drastically (from 3.8g / cm to 2.8g / cm, a decrease of 30% can be explained from the precise distribution of different atomic configurations in garnet abrasive molten Al2O3.).

(brown aluminum oxide blast media poland)Al2O3 solid-liquid two-phase structure is different, so the density is different, which can help explain the shrinkage phenomenon that people see in the pink corundum production process of ceramic materials. Found from the molten Al2O3 structure, materials scientists have begun to further understand the characteristics of other high-temperature materials and apply this knowledge to the development of new materials. Alumina and emery abrasive melts are fundamentally different.

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