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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Russia

The factors that affect the technical and economic indexes of the brown aluminium oxide ball mill include critical speed, loading coefficient, loading capacity and screen configuration. Medium free grinding machine is also called autogenous grinding machine. Its structure is basically similar to that of ball mill, but it also has its own characteristics. This mill is suitable for brown fused alumina oxide dry grinding. 

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For example, the diameter of white alumina cylinder is very large, 6-10 times larger than that of general ball mill, while the length of cylinder is very small, generally one third of its diameter. The lining plate on the cylinder not only protects the cylinder from damage, but also promotes the ore. At the same time, large crushing ratio, the length and diameter of the main bearing of the green silicon carbide mill are shorter than those of the general ball mill.

Therefore, a T-shaped liner is fixed on the black corundum circumference every certain distance, and the feeding and discharging end covers adopt a plane structure perpendicular to the cylinder center line. The sharp angle of the lining plate helps to crush the large block of corundum falling into the barrel from the feeding hopper, so as to prevent the separation phenomenon of the reduction of 100 grit aluminum oxide white grinding efficiency.

The brown fused alumina working principle of the autogenous mill is basically the same as that of the ball mill. It forms a complete circulation system with the medium-free mill, so that the mill can be operated continuously. In the actual production, and plays the role of stirring the ore, in order to improve the rate of finished black silicon carbide products, the autogenous mill works in series with the counter roll machine, on which a triangle liner is fixed.

The difference is that it does not use other pink corundum grinding media, but uses the ore itself as the grinding media to continuously impact and grind each other in the barrel to crush the materials. The corundum block in the autogenous mill rises or falls by the rotation of the mill. It is smashed and ground by itself, and its crushing ratio can reach 500 after one-time autogenous grinding, brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers which is incomparable to any other crushing equipment.

The brown aluminum oxide crushed materials below 1.2mm are blown out from the autogenous mill by air separation, and the control of ore discharge granularity is completed by adjusting the air pressure and air volume. In order to ensure the timely discharge and classification of the crushed materials with qualified grain size in the mill, white fused alumina price auxiliary equipment such as suction fan, classifier, settler, cyclone separator, etc. are equipped.

The autogenous mill and the cyclone separator can form a closed-circuit operation to control the brown fused aluminium oxide size of ore discharge. Grinding corundum with no medium mill has the following advantages: wide feeding range, a no medium mill can basically replace the coarse and medium crushing processes, silicon carbide abrasive which can greatly simplify the crushing process, so the number of equipment, workshop area and operators are correspondingly reduced.

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